As prices surge and fears of a recession continue, homeowners are feeling more stressed. Home improvement projects tend to be a lower priority when homeowners are dealing with other stressors. At this point, the homeowner might not see the value of investing in home improvement projects.

In order to close deals, your sales team needs to know how to demonstrate the value of the services you are offering. Here are a few ways to reassure stressed homeowners to make them more comfortable moving forward with the projects.

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Deal with it head on

Address the “elephant in the room.” Talk to each homeowner about their concerns. Show how your team can help them overcome these issues. Speaking openly not only helps to build trust, but it shows the homeowner that you are engaged in the project and interested in their success.

One important aspect of dealing with the situation is to set expectations immediately. This open communication ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the project’s outcome, the timeline, and more.

Show empathy

Look for ways to infuse empathy into every interaction. Prove to the homeowner that you truly care about their situation and the outcome of the project. Empathy is showing the homeowner that you understand their perspective. When you can see the situation from their point of view, then it’s easier to find solutions that will work for their individual needs.

This empathy builds a connection and helps people find more trust and confidence in your services. Be proactive about offering support, and always listen carefully so that you hear the concerns they are bringing to the table.

There are common reasons for hesitancy that need to be addressed. Look at the points each homeowner is bringing up, then you can be proactive about putting their mind to rest so they are optimistic about starting the project.

Demonstrate the value

Stress can make it hard for homeowners to see the value in these home improvement projects. If you can help them understand how their life will improve by investing in upgrades, they will see that these services can reduce their stress in the long run.

Make sure to consistently demonstrate the value of the services you are offering. Show them exactly how the project will yield a Return on Investment (ROI) that results in higher property value and other benefits.

Another way to demonstrate value is by sharing online reviews to help the homeowner see that other customers have been happy with your services. Use these reviews as proof to establish your credibility and reputation in the industry.

Connecting with Homeowners Who are Seeking Your Services

Ultimately, homeowners will feel comfortable moving forward with the project when they trust the contractor they want to hire. These tips help you build the reputation and relationship with each lead that comes through, helping to optimize the likelihood they will want to move forward with your services.

Even though homeowners are more stressed than ever before, it doesn’t mean that you should be missing out on potential sales. There are more opportunities than ever, especially when homeowners can see that your services are part of the solution. Be proactive about building relationships and offering results for each homeowner you meet.

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