Technology has changed the way we communicate. Many people do not prefer phone calls, especially when a call is from an unknown number. Texting is the standard method for quick communication. Studies repeatedly show that over 90% of messages are read, often within only 3 minutes.

Texting is a great way to ensure the lead sees your marketing messages. But, if you do it wrong, you will not get any engagement.

You need specific strategies to use for text message marketing. These tips help you approach a conversation the right way to keep the lines of communication open with your current and potential customers.

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Pick a Strategy

Through your messaging, you can either inform your leads or engage them. Always cater the messaging based on the lead source and where each person is in your sales funnel.

When you reach out to low-intent leads, ensure the messaging is engaging and builds value. For high-intent leads, the goal is to inform and set expectations. For example, you might share information over text, such as when you will be calling or how much the services cost

Informing Leads

One of the undeniable benefits of text message marketing is the ability to share snippets of information quickly and effectively. As a result, this marketing method is perfect for companies with a high volume of high-intent leads.

Since people do not often answer unexpected phone calls, it can be helpful to shoot them a quick text message to share who you are and that you will be calling. This advanced notice increases the likelihood that the person will pick up the phone when they receive your call. In addition, you can set expectations and clear up any confusion, helping the person feel more comfortable when you get on the phone.

Additionally, you can include your number in the initial text so they can call sooner if they want.

Engaging Leads

The strategy is different when you are reaching out to low-intent leads. These homeowners tend to have more questions and concerns, which means they need a little more nurturing before they are ready to move forward with your services.

The goal is to learn more about their desires and worries. Approach the conversation with questions so you can gather information about the person and the project. For example, ask if they are ready for an estimate before jumping into the proposal process. Then, check in regularly throughout the conversation to ensure the messaging is clear and see if they have any questions.

Be cautious to avoid overwhelming them with too much information, deals, or calls to action too early in the conversation. The lead will shut down if they are not ready for it yet.

Customizing and Personalizing Text Message Marketing

Remember that every homeowner is unique, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication. But, when you consider the lead’s intent and their level of engagement in the sales funnel, it helps you strategize your approach.

These tips open the lines of communication so you can build the relationship and address each person’s needs. As you develop trust and share more information about the services, you will be able to build your business more effectively by converting leads into paying customers.

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