The off-season is approaching, which means businesses in the home improvement industry will slow down as demand decreases.  

When homeowner demand slows down, business owners start looking for ways to cut costs—resulting in many home improvement contractors pausing their marketing campaigns and minimizing their budget.  

We recommend keeping your marketing campaigns active and keeping your budget open. The slow season is the perfect time for increasing your opportunities to fill your sales pipeline in the new year.

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No Lead is a Dead Lead

There is no such thing as a dead lead! Fostering a relationship right now could lead to one or more projects with the homeowner in the future, in addition to work that comes through referrals.  

Just because a lead is not prepared to buy right now does not mean they will not be ready down the road. It is common for homeowners to start researching their options months in advance to invest in their project when the time is right confidently. 

To prepare for when the slow season arrives, it is important that you look to invest your time building relationships with homeowners when you can and build a marketing strategy that will keep generating leads. The goal is to invest in your lead generation strategies to keep your sales pipeline full now and into the New Year.

Invest in Relationships

Once you decide to continue investing your marketing budget into generating leads through the off-season, the next step is to be proactive about building and maintaining those relationships. 

Because home improvement projects are often significant investment, homeowners need to be confident with their chosen contractorDeveloping a relationship with a prospect is a great way to build trust, which increases the likelihood that the homeowner will select your services in the future.

Bring in the Referrals

From the homeowner relationships you built, you present yourself with referral opportunities down the road.  

While you are considering your open budget and business goals, remember that the small actions you are taking can have significant benefits in the future. Build these relationships during the slow season and throughout the year, and you will create a strong referral network that will keep new customers coming in all year long.

Proven Strategies for Lead Generation

One guaranteed way of improving your chances of filling up your pipeline is lead generation services. With lead generation services, such as Modernize, you save time creating your marketing campaigns to attract new leads. Instead, you will receive qualified leads generated through our data feedback loop. Another benefit of investing in a lead generation service is spending more time establishing a relationship with a homeowner. More relationships mean more opportunities created. 

For more information about available lead generation services, reach out to our team to schedule a consultation. We are here to help!

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