Home improvement contractors can often experience a decrease in growth for their company because they lack a stable workforce to support the demand. The expansion of business depends on the ability for your installation and sales team to handle more work. By focusing on strategies that deal with labor shortages, you can strengthen your business and set the stage for future growth and success. 

To learn how to handle a labor shortage, we recommend moving into a position of proactive recruiting. By estimating your upcoming workload and proactivity recruiting, you can ensure that your team will always have enough support to succeed with active projects 

Do you need help with recruiting and hiring? Unfortunately, there is not a “one all be all” tip to improve the hiring process. Instead, it comes down to small, strategic steps you are taking throughout the year. Here are a few strategies to help: 

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Double-Down on Core Values

Not only do you need a good reputation for your contracting business but doubling down on core valuables can have an invaluable impact on company culture. When you build a strong mission statement and provide a positive work environment for every person on the team, it attracts potential recruits. 

As a result, you have people who are eager to work for your company because they see the potential benefits that come from the right work environment. 

On a recent episode of Built Better, a podcast by Modernize Home Servicesour co-founder Chris Pallatroni and Dom Pucci met with Jim Ziminiski, President of Crane RenovationSome core values Ziminski mentions are, respecting everyone, achieve a sense of family, and give back to the community. Learn more about Jim Ziminski’s strategy of doubling down on core valuesand how he ultimately generated more employees. 

Spread the Word that You are Hiring 

The only way you will connect with potential hires is by spreading the word you are looking for help. Be proactive about sharing this message far and wide – the bigger you cast the net, the more people you will reach.  

We live in a digital age, allowing you to leverage technology to connect with countless people. Here are a few strategies you can implement to be creative in your job hunt: 

  • Write EyeCatching Job Descriptions: You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential recruit. Ditch the stuffy job description – attract people through a description that entices candidates to reach out for more information. 
  • Use All Job Platforms: Not only do job boards give you a place to post your availability, but many of them also provide recruiting services to match ideal job seekers with your company. Popular options include Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, and Indeed 
  • Leverage Social Media: A large percentage of the population spends time on social media every day. Get in front of the traffic by posting shareable job notifications on your social media profiles. Using social media when advertising your job postings helps widen your search radius and connect with local job applicants. 
  • Attend Local Career Fairs: One of the ways you can quickly connect with various job seekers is by attending local career fairs. These events bring companies and applicants into one location, opening up multiple opportunities to meet many people in a short amount of time. Investing in a booth at a job fair is an excellent use of your recruiting budget. 

The results of your recruiting efforts vary on your location and the type of employees you are looking to hire. Consider your target demographic, then test different methods to find the most effective solutions for your business. 

Invest in a Dedicated Hiring Team 

Expedite your recruiting efforts by having a dedicated hiring team for your company. Depending on your company’s needs, you might assign recruiting to an office manager or HR employee.  

These team members focus on identifying hiring needs and finding new talent to fill available job openings. While some companies choose to outsource their recruiting efforts, there is value in managing these tasks in-house. Your hiring team reduces your stress and allows you to focus on what you do best. Through this process, it improves overall company performance. 

Everyday responsibilities for the recruiting team can include: 

  • Promoting the company’s reputation and brand 
  • Marketing outreach to advertise a good employment opportunity 
  • Attending career fairs to recruit 
  • Reviewing applications and resumes 
  • Interviewing potential candidates 

Is your contracting business ready to leverage these growth opportunities? Recruiting is an essential part of the process to accommodate the changing needs of your business. Use these strategies to deal with a labor shortage, so you have a team to support the increasing demand in coming years. 

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