As the popularity of SMS marketing increases, it makes sense that every business owner should be using texting as part of their contractor marketing strategy. SMS communication has undeniable benefits, such as high open rates and excellent customer engagement. But if you do not know the basics, it can hurt your marketing strategy more than help it.

Here are a few of the most common things contractors need to avoid in their SMS marketing campaigns:

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Too Many Words

Nobody wants to read a long block of text. If the message is too long, it is likely that the homeowner will briefly glance and move on without reading the message.

It is hard enough to capture someone’s attention; keeping it is even harder. So look for ways to get your message across quickly. Be clear and straightforward in the messaging. Avoid lengthy and hard-to-understand messages.

With SMS marketing, quality always takes priority over quantity.

Unclear Call to Action

What is the next step you want the customer to take? A message is pointless if you do not include a Call to Action (CTA). Every message should serve a clear purpose, which is why it is essential to communicate what the homeowner should do. The goal of the entire message is to persuade the homeowner to take a specific action.

For example, as a home improvement contractor, it is helpful to get the person to schedule a face-to-face consultation. This in-person meeting gives you the chance to discuss the project in-depth, which increases the likelihood of landing the project. So, your goal with SMS marketing might be to encourage people to book an appointment.

Share information in the SMS message about how to get on the schedule. You might have a booking link that you share at the end of the text. Or invite them to respond to the text message to book an appointment.

No Way to Opt-Out

Not only do you need permission when opting someone into your SMS marketing list, but you need to give them an easy way to stop receiving these messages.

Unwanted text messages can make people frustrated, which could hurt your opportunity for business in the future. Instead of spamming people with unwanted messages, make sure they receive SMS texts willingly.

Providing a simple opt-out ensures that everyone on the list wants to receive the messages you are sending.

Poor Message Timing

Be strategic about timing your messages so you are not reaching out at odd hours. The best strategy is to send messages during regular business hours, when they are most likely to respond.

Also, do not send too many messages. People do not want to receive multiple texts in a short time, especially when it is duplicate information they have already read in previous texts.

Proven Solutions for Effective Contractor Marketing

As a home improvement contractor, you can tap into proven strategies to increase lead generation and get the attention of homeowners looking for your services. If you need support with SMS marketing and other contractor marketing strategies, Modernize is available to help.


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