What do homeowners need and want when they are pursuing HVAC projects? Whether it is time to upgrade the HVAC system or a homeowner needs repair services, contractors need to understand homeowner preferences. The more you know about your HVAC leads, the better prepared you can provide quality services and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Learning more about homeowner preferences offers valuable insights you can use to improve your marketing campaigns.  

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Latest Fall Findings: HVAC Projects

The beginning of the fall season is an optimal time to connect with HVAC leads. Taking action NOW will help you prepare for the upcoming slow season. 

Investing in HVAC leads now will help keep your pipeline full and establish relationships with potential customers who might not be ready to complete their project immediately but plan to after the holidays. In addition, this type of proactive approach will help soften the blow when things slow down. 

At Modernize, we help HVAC contractors like you by providing relevant information/expertise and keeping you up to date on current industry trends. In our recent Modernize Fall survey, the results show that 51 percent of homeowners want to compare contractor quotes and estimates to find the best price. Instead of going with the first contractor they see, people want to talk to a few providers to compare their options. 

This information is relevant right now because of the seasonal demand. Homeowners are still actively searching, despite not looking to start their projects during the holiday season.

Here is what you need to know about homeowners this fall to help you establish relationships to keep your pipeline full and have projects ready to complete in January. This is the time to help set yourself apart from the competition by ramping up on reach while others slow down. 

How You Can Help: Dominating the Local HVAC Industry 

The Fall survey results show that homeowners are shopping around, making it clear that you need to be proactive with your strategy to beat the competition. Use these simple strategies to make it an easy choice for homeowners to choose your company instead of another competitor in the area: 

  1. Focus on Customer Service: Make sure you are always providing first-class customer service. As the saying goes, “first impressions are everything.” You must present yourself as a business homeowners want to hire. While price is an essential factor, homeowners are more likely to buy based on how you make them feel. People are willing to pay a little more if they know they are receiving top-notch services. 
  2. Invest in Seasonal Marketing: Capture the attention of HVAC leads by spreading your message across digital and traditional channels. Word of mouth is critical in the home improvement industry. The more reach your brand has, the more homeowners will want to learn more about your business. Marketing campaigns expand your reach, increasing the number of people who reach out to learn more about your services. 
  3. Design Competitive Promotions: Keep an eye on your competitors so you can see the seasonal promotions they are running. Then, consider how your promotions compare to what the competitors are offering. The goal is to design a promotional strategy that outshines the other HVAC companies in the area. 
  4. Prioritize Homeowner Education: Taking the time to teach homeowners about the industry is a valuable way to build long-lasting relationships. Provide additional resources about your business and/or available HVAC systems. These conversations help you stay at the top of homeowners’ minds when they are ready to choose a contractor. Additionally, education shows that you are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, communicating that you have the homeowner’s best interest in mind. 

Modernize Leads for HVAC Contractors 

The season is underway, which means you have a short window of time to take advantage of available HVAC projects this fall. One of the fastest ways to connect with HVAC leads is through the proven systems we offer here at Modernize. Our lead generation strategies help homeowners connect with contractors like you. Reach out to us today to learn more about how your HVAC business can benefit from lead generation. 

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