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Annual Modernize Homeowner Survey 2022 Webinar
https://youtu.be/RXJCzY6e-Vg Understanding homeowner behavior is the key to running your business better. Each quarter, we survey thousands…
The Hassle Free Way to Grow Your Business
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b0qZotg-vw&t=4s Megan Wolfe, Director of Enterprise Accounts at Modernize, and Lori Boyer, the…
State of the Contractor 2022 Webinar
Here’s what you’ll learn: What trends you should be concerned about in 2022 and how to prepare What mistakes to avoid in your…
Webinar: The Art of the Follow Up
Many contractors face a common challenge: following up with homeowners before, during, and after a home improvement project. At Modernize,…
Webinar: How Bath Fitter of San Diego Increased Their Appointment Set Rate by 5X
It’s no secret that “speed to lead” is the motto when working with lead generation services. In a recent webinar with our…
Webinar: Weathering The Off Season
Webinar: Weathering the Off-Season  Our home improvement industry thrives nine months out of the year. It is winter that brings a sharp…
Webinar: Homeowner Project Preferences Survey Results
Modernize’s homeowner sentiment survey is an ongoing, long-term study of how homeowners research and evaluate home improvement…
Partner Webinar: How to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars Like a Pro (W/ Built to Build, Hatch, Hearth)
  Most home improvement companies are spending way too much in marketing to acquire a customer or don’t know where to put the money…