Why do homeowners choose to spend thousands of dollars on kitchen renovations? Whether you’re a sales rep or the owner of a remodeling company, you should be familiar with the motivations of your buyers. Exploring this psychology is an effective way to move from an estimate to a signed contract.

Kitchens are popular when homeowners are considering renovation investments. When you understand why people want to upgrade kitchens, you are always prepared to support the homeowner in moving forward with the project. Consider these points that you might bring up during a project consultation:

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Lifestyle Improvements

Ask every homeowner how much time they spend in the kitchen each week. For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Family members gather in the morning for breakfast and wrap up the day with dinner together. When homeowners are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, they need a space that is modern, convenient, and comfortable.

People buy products and services because of the emotional results they are anticipating. Even though you can’t put a price tag on the available lifestyle improvements, there’s no doubt that kitchen renovations are influenced by how a person feels about their house. Tapping into these emotions is a great way to help people uncover their true desires for home improvement projects.

Hosting Family and Friends

When friends are coming over, the kitchen is the place where everyone gathers. Homeowners want to set a good impression for family and friends. So, they need a kitchen they are proud to share with everyone who walks through the door.

Consider the way the kitchen layout supports the flow of cooking and socializing. If a homeowner likes to host often, it’s easy to say “yes” to a kitchen design that best suits their needs.

Increasing Home Value

The money spent on kitchen renovations helps to increase the overall market value of the project. Potential buyers are looking for homes with attractive, modern kitchens. Not only will the number of offers increase for a home with a renovated kitchen, but you can expect a higher sale price as well. These renovated features are also a point of consideration when an appraiser is finalizing the estimated value of the home.

Of course, the specific value increase will vary depending on local real estate markets and the types of renovations. Even if the homeowner can’t recuperate the full value of their investment, it will still have a positive impact on the selling price of the home. When a homeowner can see that a kitchen renovation will have a positive ROI, they will be more likely to move forward with the project. Even if the financial gains aren’t concrete, the homeowner’s perceptions play a role in this decision.

Update the Wear and Tear

It’s normal for a home to look a little run-down over time. It’s hard to make the cleanest kitchen shine when it’s outdated. Peeling countertops, broken tiles, obsolete appliances, and retro colors make it challenging to find creativity and enjoyment in the kitchen.

Sometimes, outdated kitchens just need a facelift: cabinet refinishing, new flooring, and updated countertops. In other situations, homeowners want full demolition of the room so they can start from scratch.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Green construction is a hot topic due to an increasing focus on climate change. If a homeowner is going to spend money on kitchen remodeling, then they often want to know that these investments will benefit the environment. Small energy efficiency improvements can have an impact on utility costs, such as water-saving faucets, EnergyStar appliances, and improved sunlight to reduce the need for artificial lighting in the room.

During an estimate, it’s smart to prepare information about energy efficiency solutions. These talking points can help homeowners see that the benefits of kitchen renovations extend beyond the walls of their own homes.

Customize Your Talking Points for Every Homeowner

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every kitchen consultation and estimate. When you are talking to a potential client, listen to their requests and desires. Then, you can use these conversation points to help them see the reasons why they should move forward with the renovation project. Providing each homeowner with the solutions they desire takes the pressure off the sale and increases your closing rate at the same time.

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