With so many online marketing options, how do you know which methods will result in the best ROI for your remodeling business? The digital world is continually changing, which means that an effective ROI strategy five years ago isn’t likely your best investment today. 

Instead, business owners in all industries need to explore new and modern marketing strategies. When you are proactive in your approach, it’s easier to stay ahead of the competition. These results can pay off in the long-run when you connect with potential home improvement leads and land more contracts.  

You’re probably familiar with common marketing methods, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), social media engagement, and more. One emerging trend that should be high on your priority list is engaging in online communities.  

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What are Online Communities? 

Online communities are places where people with shared purpose or interest connect to talk about specific topics. People want a way to get together, either through the internet or in-person interactions. These digital communities enable people to build friendships and discuss topics of interest. 

An online community is different from a social network: 

  • Online Community: People interact through a common interest, such as a cause, profession, or hobby. 
  • Social Network: Pre-established personal relationships hold the community together. 

Online community participants find value in the engagement and connection. At the same time, organizations and brands can tap into these communities to foster relationships and connect with potential clients. 

How to Find Leads Through Communities

Here are a few tips to help if you want to learn how to gain home improvement leads with online communities: 

1. Building Referral Programs Through Gamification

Gamification is an effective way to encourage referrals by rewarding current customers to help with generating new leads. Digital communities give you a platform where you can develop a culture, then recommend people through a referral program.  

You reward specific behaviors, and participants engage in the efforts to level-up in the community. Build excitement through challenges and raffles, then reward community members through badges, coins, or your method of choice. The community gives each person a sense of purpose and value.  

2. Linking Your Community to Social Media 

Many people use social media daily, which is why your business needs to be proactive about joining the conversation on these networks. Ideally, social media is a place where you can share public campaigns and marketing initiatives.  

Then, more in-depth customer conversations happen in private settings through an online community. Ultimately, you can foster engagement and build on-going business relationships with current and potential customers, leading to more repeat business and helping you gain homeowner leads. 

3. Being Attentive to Your Members 

Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical elements that can influence the future growth of your business. When you actively use an online community to answer questions or participate in a conversation, it shows your customer-first approach. These communities give you a tool to stand out from the competition. 

People want their opinions heard, and they are looking for service providers who care. Seemingly small digital interactions can build real connections. Help someone solve their problems, and a potential home improvement lead will turn into a customer for life. 

4. Posting Exclusive Deals for Your Community 

Sharing exclusive discounts and deals is an excellent strategy for incentivizing members to participate in the community. If someone is on the fence about moving forward with their purchase, a community deal can be the motivation they need to hire your services. 

This discount brings people through the door and keeps people engaged in the community conversations in the future. Your ROI from community development grows with time creating valuable resources you can repeatedly use to generate home improvement leads. 

Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Renovation Contractors 

If you are learning how to gain home improvement leads with online communities, then our team at Modernize is here to help. We have proven methods for connecting home contractors with qualified leads in your area 

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