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PosiGen's mission is to make clean energy available and affordable to all- founded in 2011, PosiGen specializes in working with low… More
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We believe clean energy and storage should be accessible to everybody. That's why SunPower designs all-in-one residential solutions backed by personal… More
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What Makes Solar Energy Sustainable in New Haven?

The energy we harness from the sun is imperishable and more stable than using natural resources like fossil fuel. It is transforming the sun’s energy into usable electricity through panels. Here are some facts regarding solar energy if you are interested in installing one to your New Haven home soon.

Sustainable Energy Source

Most scientists agree that the sun is the most vital source of sustainable energy for any new home. Installing a new home solar panel system will pay off in the long rum and will help you do your part to be more green. 


The sun’s energy is an exhaustible type of energy. It is renewable, which is the opposite of energy resources that are almost depleted now, including fossil fuels (coal and petroleum). Did you know that solar power can satisfy the energy need of the entire earth, even with its growing population?

Clean, Non-Pollutant

Fossil fuels leave carbon footprints, which can cause pollution. Solar energy, on the other hand, is clean and does not have any by-products. Solar panels that harness the sun’s power need to be on rooftops or anywhere high enough to get a good exposure.

The Vitality of Solar Sustainability

The sun will continue to exist for billions of years. With humans leaning towards using its energy as a sustainable source is a sure way to keep the earth living longer and your home running more efficiently. 

Therefore, if you are a New Haven homeowner, you are in luck. Some solar companies are offering discounts on the down payment if you pass specific criteria. Check out the list of licensed and reliable solar contractors in your area in the list above. Remember that it is best to consult with up to four solar professionals to know your options and to have an accurate computation of the solar energy that your household needs as well as the initial price you are looking at to have it installed.