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Half Round Gutters

Average cost range:

$1,850 - $3,380

The average cost to install half round gutters on a home in the U.S. is between $9.25 and $16.90 per linear foot, with a national average of $13 per linear foot. This includes the price of professional labor and installation, which typically runs $2.15 to $4 per linear foot depending on local labor rates. To put this into perspective, the average cost to install half round gutters on a standard 2,000 square foot home should fall between $1,850 and $3,380 total.

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If you are looking to replace or install new gutters on your home, you will have to decide on a gutter style. Half round gutters are a style of gutters that are common on older home architecture – since the more modern K-style gutter was not invented until the mid 1940s. Although K-style gutters are much more widely used today, half round gutters are still used quite often on historic homes and many different styles of classic residential architecture. Homeowners looking for a unique home exterior might also find interest in half round gutters.

This comprehensive guide to half round gutters will help you better understand how this gutter style works, its costs, benefits, durability and many more important factors. When you are ready to begin your gutter replacement or installation job, Modernize can connect you with licensed, trustworthy gutter contractors in your area.

half round gutters

What are Half Round Gutters? 

While K-style gutters can be found in suburban tract homes throughout America, discerning homeowners and those who own homes built in classic architectural styles often prefer the look of half round gutters.

Half round gutters are shaped like a tube that’s been cut in two. Imagine a half circle with the rounded part facing the ground and the open side pointing to the sky. This gutter style typically has a flat back that attaches to your home’s fascia and a decorative beaded profile on the front side for a bit of added flair.

Half-Round Gutters

Homeowners may prefer these gutters because of their attractive appearance and how they work well with classic architectures

  • High durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Come in steel, copper, aluminum, and vinyl

  • Hold less rainwater than k-style gutters

Like any other type of gutter, half round gutters are installed on key parts of your home’s roofline to transport water off the roof and away from the foundation.

Half round gutters can be found on homes in any climate. However, they may not be the best option for areas that experience copious amounts of snow or rainfall since they hold less rainwater than K-style gutters – though they do move water faster.

A few of the many classical architectural styles where half round gutters are the preferred profile option include Art Deco, Victorian, Tudor, Colonial, Tuscany, Cape Cod, Georgian, Craftsman and many types of upscale ranch-style homes. This gutter style also pairs well with homes that are built from brick or natural stone.

Benefits of Half Round Gutters

Half round gutters have a few benefits that cannot be found in other gutter profile styles:

  • Moves rainwater faster. The round shape and smooth interior transports water quicker than k-style gutters.
  • Less corrosion over time. The shape can also help prevent weather-related damage – such as rust and corrosion – since water tends to flow completely out of the gutter trough.
  • Low maintenance. They are much easier to clean and de-clog than K-style gutters. Half round gutters do not easily collect leaves and twigs from trees.

There can be a few drawbacks when choosing this type of gutter, though. These gutters are not as prevalent as K-style gutters, so it may be a bit harder to source this material from contractors. Installation also is a bit more difficult, which can raise the cost of installing new half round gutters. Lastly, half round gutters are not as deep as K-style gutters, so the same gutter width holds less rainwater.

Half Round Gutters Dimensions and Rainwater Capacity

Half round gutters, like other gutter profiles, are made in widths ranging from 4” to 8.” However, 6-inch wide half round gutters are the most common size since they are more than capable of handling stormwater in most climates. However, some homes in drier climates may only require 5-inch half round gutters.

half round gutters size

Every home will have a different gutter sizing requirement that is determined by the pitch of the roof, square footage of the roof that needs to be drained, and the historical maximum rainfall intensity (inches per hour) for a particular region. An undersized gutter will overflow the trough and could lead to water spilling against your home’s foundation. A licensed roofing or gutter installation contractor can help you identify the perfect size of gutter for your home.

It is a good rule of thumb to use a 5-inch wide gutter for homes with roofs under 2,500 square-feet, and 6-inch wide gutters on homes with roofs up to 3,800 square-feet. Homeowners with roofs larger than that, as well as homeowners who live in climates prone to extreme rainfall, should consider opting for a 7-inch or even 8-inch gutter width to accommodate the heavy amounts of stormwater.

Half round gutters can be used in cities that historically receive a great amount of rainfall – Memphis, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Seattle – provided the maximum rainfall intensity is moderate. Homeowners in Gulf Coast cities and other hurricane-prone areas that have experienced catastrophic record rainfall might want to consider k-style gutters, which can accommodate more water.

Durability and Lifespan

Material choices for half round gutter troughs, downspouts, end caps, hangers and other components include aluminum, galvanized steel, galvalume, vinyl, as well as copper for high-end custom homes. These materials have different properties that play into the gutter’s overall lifespan and durability.

The chart below shows some guidelines on expected lifespan for half round gutters based on choice of materials.

Half Round Gutters Lifespan
Half Round Gutter MaterialAverage LifespanAverage Cost per Linear ft.
VinylUp to 20 years$7
Aluminum20 - 30 years$11.69
Galvanized steel20 - 40 years$8.39
Copper50+ years$22.30

There are many factors that can affect your gutter’s durability, though. Salty coastal air is much more corrosive on metal gutters than the air in temperate inland climates. Regular maintenance to keep your gutters free of debris – so that water never sits in the gutter trough – can also help extend the lifespan of your gutters.

Half Round Gutters Installation Cost

The national average for new half round gutters is just over $13 per linear foot, but costs can range from $9.25 to $16.90 per linear foot. To put this into perspective, the cost to install half round gutters on a 2,000 square foot home would be between $1,850 and $3,380 on average.

Keep in mind that this number is just for the gutter trough. It does not take into account all the hardware and additional components that are required to install a complete gutter system. Installation costs for new half round gutters will vary depending on where you live, your choice of materials, number of corners, downspouts, end caps and other accessories, and your contractor’s labor rates. Your house itself also could affect gutter installation costs.

For example, it is much harder to hang gutters on a three-story custom home than a single-story tract home on a flat lot. A licensed gutter contractor can walk you through these many variables and provide you with a project estimate. Modernize has some handy data on estimated costs to help homeowners create a reliable budget for new half round gutters.

Gutter Installation Cost Calculator

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Materials are a huge factor in gutter costs. Aluminum gutters are less expensive than galvanized steel gutters, and half round copper gutters are the costliest gutters on the market. Downspouts, gutter guards, splash guards and other important accessories also will bump up the overall price of your new gutters, but they are necessary components of a complete gutter system.

K-Style vs. Half Round Gutters

There are some major differences between k-style gutters vs. half round gutters to be aware of. K-style gutters are the most popular type of gutter profile used in the U.S.

The design of K-style gutters gives it unmatched strength and rigidity, which helps extend the gutter’s longevity. There are also a few other noteworthy differences.

Installation process
Seamless K-style gutters are easy to build and install onsite, so every section of gutter is perfectly sized for each individual residence. K-style gutters also have a flat back that makes them easy to install, since it can be nailed directly to your roof’s fascia boards. Half round gutters can be a bit more complicated to install.
Cleaning and maintenance
Unlike seamless half round gutters, the shape of K-style gutters can trap small debris like twigs and leaves, which impedes the flow of stormwater. That shape also makes K-style gutters a bit harder to clean.
Rainwater capacity
K-style gutters are deeper than half round gutters, so they can hold more water. One foot of a 5-inch wide K-style gutter can hold 1.2 gallons of water, while one foot of a 6-inch K-style gutter can hold 2 gallons. By way of comparison, one foot of a 6-inch wide half round gutter holds approximately 1.2 gallons.

Professional Gutter Installation

Installing half round gutters requires a high degree of technical expertise that is beyond most homeowners’ reach. It is best to leave the job to licensed gutter contractors who can ensure the job is done safely and correctly. Although hanging the gutters themselves might seem easy for skilled do-it-yourselfers, a complete gutter system requires downspouts at regular intervals, corners, end caps, and even gutter guards to ensure the entire system functions properly.

Modernize connects homeowners with licensed professional gutter experts in their area. Before you begin calling contractors and getting quotes, use our handy Contractor Checklist to help you know what to look for, so you can select the right company for your gutter installation or replacement project.