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Should Soffit and Fascia be Repaired During a Gutter Replacement?

Soffit repairs and fascia repairs tend to be overlooked by many homeowners, with much of the exterior home focus going toward the roof and gutter system. What is often not realized is the important role soffits and fascias play in protecting not just those other features but your entire home.

Let’s take a look at their importance, how to spot signs of damage, and when a soffit and fascia repair might be the right option for your home. 

Table of Contents

What are Soffits and Fascias?

Illustration of soffit and fascia

When it comes to soffit and fascia repair, the first question for many homeowners is, “What exactly are soffits and fascias?”

Soffits are the exposed siding underneath your roof’s overhang, while fascias are the siding areas directly above the soffit where gutters are attached.

The soffit is typically less visible unless you’re standing near the home and therefore has less impact on curb appeal. On the other hand, fascias are easily seen from the street and can play a role in your home’s curb appeal.

Each component can be made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl—though the most common material for soffits is wood and for fascias is vinyl. Usually, soffits will have a similar design and color to your home’s siding.

Why are Soffits and Fascias Important?

A soffit and fascia repair might be necessitated by the important roles each feature plays in protecting your home. 

Soffits help allow for airflow between your home’s roof and attic thanks to tiny holes. This flow of air works to draw heat and moisture away from the house and attic. Without properly functioning soffits, moisture can become trapped in the attic, causing mold.

Additionally, soffits protect your home from animals and insects that might otherwise decide to move in.

The primary role of fascias is to protect the edges of your roof from outside elements—primarily water damage. It also serves as the support point for your home’s gutters.

Common Soffit and Fascia Issues

There are a number of issues that can impact your home’s soffit and fascias, including:

  • Water Damage: Since soffits and fascias are located near your home’s gutters, water damage is a prime concern—especially those constructed from wooden materials, which is why many homeowners opt for vinyl soffits. Signs of water damage include cracking and blistering.
  • Dry Rot: Caused by wood-loving fungi, dry rot can quickly spread between wooden soffits or fascias and your home’s siding. Be on the lookout for deep cracks and brittleness, or the presence of moldy smells.
  • Animals and Infestations: While your home provides shelter to your family from the outside elements, its warmth and coverage can attract unwanted guests like animals and insects. Check your soffits for holes (of any size) that pests might use to access your home’s attic.

Risks of Ignoring Soffit and Fascia Damage

Delaying soffit and fascia repair when damage is discovered can lead to more serious roof and gutter issues—resulting in added costs and headaches. Many of the issues detailed above can either become more severe or can arise for the first time if problems are left unchecked.

You should thoroughly inspect your soffits and fascias regularly—such as during gutter cleaning and after severe weather—to stay ahead of damage. If you spot any damage, it’s best to contact a roofing contractor to ensure there aren’t any unnoticed problems. 

When to Have Soffits and Fascias Inspected and Repaired

Aside from some of the major problems detailed previously, a gutter replacement project is an opportune time to tackle a soffit and fascia repair or inspection. A properly functioning gutter system relies on fascias—and by extension, soffits—that are in good condition to prevent sagging or pulling away from the home. 

A quality contractor performing a gutter project should inspect your home’s soffits and fascias and can typically include repair or replacement into the cost.

Already had your gutters checked out but didn’t think to include these elements? You can also explore soffit and fascia repair if you have an upcoming roof repair or renovation project.

How Much Do Soffit and Fascia Repairs Cost?

A soffit and fascia repair will cost the average homeowner $600–$6,000. The large range is because, like many home repair projects, several factors will play into the final cost.

First of all, the type of material used for the project will impact the overall cost:

  • Soffits, per 12-foot section:
    • Wood: $14–$22
    • Vinyl: $14–$23
    • Aluminum: $10–$22
  • Fascia, per linear foot:
    • Wood: $1–$3
    • Vinyl: $5–$8
    • Aluminum: $8–$20

Additionally, several other factors can impact the cost of your soffit and fascia repair project, including:

  • The number of levels in your home
  • Your home’s exterior layout
  • If you opt to have either element painted
  • If pests or insects are discovered

Next Steps for Your Soffit and Fascia Repair

If you notice any of the above signs of damage or are planning a gutter or roof project, you’ll want to speak with a contractor about soffit and fascia repair and replacement. 

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