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When Is It Time To Replace Gutters?

Gutters tend to be an easily overlooked feature for most homeowners, but they are actually a crucial part of any house. Faulty gutters can cause serious damage to a home if left untreated. Understanding common signs to look for can you help you detect whether a gutter replacement is necessary, before any problems occur. 

Periodically checking your entire gutter system for signs of damage can help you avoid future headaches and costly expenses. While some damage might be visible on dry days, it’s important to inspect for possible gutter replacement needs during rainy weather—when some signs might be more noticeable.

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When is it Time for a Gutter Replacement?

Here’s are nine main signs that indicate you’re home is in need of a gutter replacement or gutter repair

1. Cracking

A cracked gutter allows water to drain out and defeats the purpose of a drainage system. A small crack or two is something that could be repaired individually, but it could also be the early sign of a larger problem. Several or serious cracks are telltale signs that a gutter replacement is necessary.

2. Rust

A few spots of rusts isn’t the end of the world. Gutters are built to move water, after all, and minimal rust damage can be repaired. However, if you notice more than a couple patches, or any large impact areas, this could be the sign of a bigger issue that might require a more extensive project. Be sure to connect with a professional sooner rather than later to see if the rust on your gutter system requires a replacement.

3. Leaky or separated seals

Gutters are most vulnerable at the seams where different sections are attached. Inspect these areas closely for leaks, separations, or sags to ensure the seals aren’t compromised.

Remember, a properly functioning gutter system will funnel water towards downspouts. Water should not spill through the gutters near the roof.

Check your gutters during a rainstorm to see if gutters are properly funneling water downwards and away from the base of your home. If your gutters are leaky or clogged and you do not address this issue promptly, it could result in water seeping into your home and causing damage.

4. Paint damage

More often than not, water is not your home’s friend! Paint bubbles or peeling on your siding is likely the result of water damage, which is often caused by a faulty gutter system.

If you notice an area with damaged paint, inspect the condition of the nearest gutter and attempt to detect any damage. If you are unsure whether the gutters are causing siding damage, be sure to get in touch with a professional to get an expert’s opinion.

5. Rotting

Much like paint damage, water from a broken gutter system can cause rotting to siding, window sills, or door frames. Wood siding is especially prone to rotting from damaged gutters. Prevent an additional siding replacement project by being proactive about repairing your gutter system.

6. Mold or mildew

Have you ever noticed a patch of green or black discoloration on a home? This can be caused by a damaged gutter system not properly moving water away from a home’s exterior. If you encounter mold and/or mildew in a formerly dry area, ill-functioning gutters are a possible cause.

7. Roof separation

Your gutters and roof should be properly attached to maximize effectiveness. Occasionally, fasteners connecting the two will become loose or damaged and require a simple replacement. But if the problem persists, the fascia boards which connect the gutter and roof may be rotting. If this is the case, a gutter replacement is likely to be necessary.

8. Sagging

If sections of your gutters are sagging, water pooling can occur. This results in spill-overs and possibly cracks or separation. Sagging gutters may also be the culprit if you notice any unexpected landscaping damage after rain or unusual flooding.

9. Flooded basements

When water accumulates in areas it’s not supposed to, it can cause extensive damage to your basement, or even foundation, if allowed to continue. This is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately upon discovery.

Avoiding Gutter Damage

It is worth noting that gutter replacement projects are typically much more affordable compared to fixing the damage that occurs when they are neglected. However, all of this can be avoided by being proactive and caring for your gutters routinely.

Cleaning gutters isn’t the most exciting task for homeowners, but it can help alleviate future problems. Thorough cleaning and maintenance about twice per year should help you maintain a properly working gutter system and allow you to identify any issues that might require repair or a full gutter replacement.

Modernize recommends performing routine maintenance and cleaning in the spring and fall. It is also important to prep your gutter system ahead of any anticipated inclement weather or rainfall to ensure it is able to do its job properly.

Next Steps

If you notice any of the above signs of gutter damage, or have an aging system, you’ll want to speak with a gutter contractor to help you determine the best course of action to remedy the situation. The good news is that a new gutter system can last for decades if properly maintained in most conditions. Gutter installations are affordable projects, and you have an assortment of options for a project that best fits your budget.

If you are preparing for a gutter replacement project, become familiar with what to expect during the gutter installation. You can also learn how to compare gutter replacement quotes to choose a professional that fits your needs and budget.

Speak with the professionals at Modernize today to get connected with a trusted gutter contractor in your area to install a gutter system that protects your family and home from the elements.

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