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How Much Does a Gutter Repair Cost?

Average cost: $180 - $600

Low End
High End

The national average cost for a gutter repair for U.S. households is between $180 and $600. The total cost of the gutter repair project depends heavily on the type and extent of gutter damage, as well as the total linear footage that needs to be repaired. This accounts for labor and installation costs, which can range from $4 to $30 per hour depending on local prices in your area. Gutter repair costs also depend on the type of gutter system at hand. For instance, copper gutter repairs tend to cost more than aluminum and vinyl gutter repairs.

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Relative Gutter Project Costs
Gutter Project Average Cost
Gutter Repair $180 - $600
Gutter Replacement $1,800 - $6,000
Gutter Cleaning $118 - $225