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Stair Lift Systems

Stair lifts are an increasingly popular assistive technology that can carry anyone up and down stairwells safely.

The motorized units glide smoothly up- and downstairs by following a track that is mounted against one side of the stairwell. They are powered on via a button or switch when in use.

Complete with seatbelts, sensors and even accessibility features like swiveling seats, stair lifts can help anyone travel through multi-level homes reliably and safely. The technology is primarily associated with senior homeowners, but stair lift systems are a reliable addition to any home as a way to help people dealing with injuries or anyone who has restricted mobility or needs help traveling upstairs. These lifts empower anyone who would usually need assistance making the trek with the gift of independence they otherwise may not have.

If you’re considering installing a stair lift system, Modernize can help you understand your many options as well as what to ask a contractor when your project begins.

  • Types of Stair Lifts and Costs
  • Installation
  • What’s Next?

Types of Stair Lifts and Costs

The type of stair lift system you will opt for will depend on the structure of your home’s staircase. There’s a wide range of stair lifts available, and the cost of a stairlift depends on the stairlift’s technology and functionality. Different stair lifts come with different price tags depending on options, add-ons and cosmetics. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Straight Stairway Stair Lifts: A home with a straight staircase is the easiest to accommodate a stair lift system. Depending on the number of stairs and the model of stair lift you opt for, the average price to purchase and install a lift is $3,500.
  2. Curved Stair Lifts: This option is for any sort of stairwell that is more complex than a traditional straight staircase — either because of curves, bends or landings. Because of the complexities and custom nature, curved stair lift systems typically cost significantly more than straight stair lifts. The average price of a curved stair lift is $10,000. because most curved stair lifts are custom-made, it’s worth discussing your specific needs and parameters with a Modernize-recommended contractor to weigh the costs and benefits.
  3. Outdoor Stair Lifts: Lifts for decks, patios and docks are similar to an indoor version — but with extra durability. These stair lifts are outfitted specifically to withstand external elements including temperature changes, wind, rain, salt and sun. For that reason, they usually cost a few thousand dollars more than their indoor counterparts. For instance, if an indoor straight stairway lift costs $3,500, its outdoor counterpart may cost over $5,000. like their curved counterparts, a curved outdoor stair lift will be more expensive, as they are custom-made, but are well worth the price for extended longevity and independence.

home accessibility stair lift

Stair Lift Installations

Though it may be tempting to install a stair lift system yourself, this is not something Modernize recommends. Stair lifts are a complicated appliance that carry precious cargo — you or your loved ones. An experienced professional will ensure your system is installed according to the highest safety standards and meet all warranty requirements. By taking installation into your own hands, you risk negating the product’s warranty.

The good news is stair lift installations are often quick with minimal disruption.. For straight stairway lifts, the process can be completed in one day, including a demonstration on how to use the lift. On average, installing a straight stair lift takes between four and five hours.

The order and installation process may be more involved for a custom curved unit,because they are formed to custom-specifications based on your specific staircase measurements. This may  extend the install time by a few hours but can still be completed in one day.

Modernize recommends discussing a timeframe ahead of time with your contractor. Typically the entire process of a home evaluation, placing an order and installing a straight stairlift can be done within a few days. Conversely — because of its custom nature — a curved unit could take several weeks.

Surveys show a home’s resale value can actually be enhanced with the addition of a stair lift thanks to its usefulness for a large variety of audiences, not limited to children, the elderly and anyone dealing with an injury. The stair lifts can be touted as a safety feature.

Additionally, they are easy to remove without any damage to walls or stairs. That is because stair lift tracks follow a stairway’s treads, not the wall.

Finding a Stair Lift Installer

At Modernize, our goal is to help you find a contractor with ease. We invite  you to tell us more about your project and expectations. From there, we will quickly connect you to a trusted, local contractor to complete the stair lift installation process. By using the information in this guide and taking advantage of our free Contractor Checklist, you will be able to select the contractor who is right for you and move one step closer to a stair lift that improves the efficiency and safety of your home with an added feeling of independence and empowerment.


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