Kitchen Countertops from EnviroGLAS

In an effort to preserve our natural resources, companies like EnviroGLAS are stepping up to the green plate by providing a glass gem of a product made from 100% recycled material.


EnviroGLAS specializes in decorative countertops, flooring, and tiles. Products are made with recycled porcelain chips and tumbled glass from old bottles, windows, mirrors and color-pigmented epoxy resin. Savvy homeowners who value style and planetary harmony will love this product. It’s versatile, durable, VOC-free and resistant to chemicals and bacterial growth. The materials are also stain, burn and chip-proof and offer umpteen kitchen design possibilities for the floor and countertop.

EnviroGLAS integrates the Old World craft of Terrazzo, a Venetian term for terraces. The craft was invented by construction workers who used marble chips from elaborate jobs to surface patios around their living quarters – it’s been a hot design trend in Europe ever since.

The design flexibility gives you freedom to mix and match smoky neutrals with brilliant iridescent multi-colored glass chips of ruby red to cobalt blue. And then choose any foundation resin color you fancy.

EnviroGLAS Product Line:


Poured-in-place recycled glass and/or porcelain flooring. Extremely durable and easy to maintain. Allows for unique artistic design capabilities.


Countertops are 27” x 84” x 1” and can be cut by your installer. They are custom-tailored with your choice of recycled glass, porcelain and resin color and come in a matte or high-gloss finish.


Floor tiles measure 6” x 36” x 3/8 and look great in one solid color or multicolor patterns laid out in a random design.


EnviroGLAS extends out to the yard with magical, shimmering multicolored crystal landscape glass calledEnviroSCAPE, a decorative eco-friendly ground cover, fountain fill or spread around potted plants.

About EnviroGLAS

Located in Plano, TX, EnviroGLAS is dedicated to reducing the amount of glass, mirrors and bottles headed for landfills by recycling the would-be waste into innovative and sophisticated products.

EnviroGLAS Countertops are a win-win for homeowners. Not only are they fantastic for the environment, but these countertops are stunning in appearance. It may sound too good to be true, but EnviroGLAS has gone above and beyond with kitchen countertops made from 100% recycled glass. Here’s some more information about this game-changing product.


EnviroGLAS countertops sell for $50 per square foot for a standard size slab. The total price depends on the cost of installation, so it’s best to get a couple price quotes from local installers and go from there.


  • EnviroGLAS countertops are made from 100% recycled material.
  • They are VOC-free and resistant to chemicals and bacterial growth.
  • EnviroGLAS is also stain-, burn- and chip-proof.


  • EnviroGLAS countertops won’t necessarily fit every design style, depending on the kitchen.
  • While EnviroGLAS countertops are scratch-resistant, they aren’t totally scratch-proof.


Like most recycled glass products, EnviroGLAS countertops are considered to be very durable, and can easily stand up to the wear and tear of a normal kitchen environment.


In addition to their beauty, EnviroGLAS products are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe the slab down with a damp cloth and spray with a regular household cleaner. You can seal the surface with a non-abrasive marble or granite polish, but it’s not required.

Common Questions and Answers

Are EnviroGLAS countertops (also called EnviroSLAB) customizable?

Yes, they can be custom-designed with your choice of recycled glass, porcelain, and resin color. They are also available in matte or high-gloss finishes.

What is the size of a standard EnviroSLAB?

Countertops are generally 27”x 84” x 1” and can be cut by an installer. Custom sizes ring in at a pricy $100 per square foot, since their production equipment is limited by size.


In 2002 EnviroGLAS began taking advantage of the overabundance of recycled glass in Plano, Texas by making flooring. They have since received a U.S. patent for the “method of making a terrazzo surface from recycled glass” and re-purposed approximately 1 million pounds of recycled glass in 2005 alone.

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