Room Remodeling Projects

Skim Coat on Textured Walls - Miranda Anderson for How to Smooth Textured Walls with a Skim Coat
Before moving to Texas and building a house, I didn’t realize the wide variety of texture finishes that are possible on drywall. Where I grew up in Utah, walls were always smooth, and the heavy texture that seems to be the norm in Texas and many other southern states feels unfinished to me. So, I’ve decided to tackle the texture Continue Reading
Andres Ask an Expert: Optimum Roofing Solutions
Andres Asencio comes from a long line of roofers and homebuilding trade professionals. He’s been around roofing his entire life, and he’s now the founder, owner, and subcontractor/contractor of the family business Optimum Roofing Solutions, a residential and commercial roofing company in Houston, Texas. Because he’s such an expert in his field, we went to him first with our roofing questions, Continue Reading
Laundry room 7 Things to Consider Before a Laundry Room Renovation
“I love doing laundry!” said no one ever. And I was especially not a fan of doing my family’s laundry in our cold garage with the washer and dryer seven feet apart from each other. After two years in our home, it was time to give our laundry room a much-needed makeover—and by room, I mean nook in our garage. Continue Reading
Kitchen Cabinet Dark 10 Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel
Did you know that remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home? It’s the most lived-in room of the home, so it’s important to keep it up to date, for your own satisfaction as well as for any potential buyers. The downside, however, is that kitchen remodeling can also be incredibly expensive. So Continue Reading
home-window-tint-that-works-at-night Ask an Expert: Why Window Film is a Low-Cost Way to Reduce Energy Costs
These days, emissions reduction is on everyone’s agenda. Homeowners in particular are searching for new, cost-effective solutions to their energy problems—and they’re recognizing that AC efficiency is part of that equation. Accordingly, window technology is on the rise—there are newly available options that reduce heat gain and ultimately keep cooling costs reasonable. Since the early 90s, the window film industry has Continue Reading
Decorating with Plants-8 Everything You Need to Know About Decorating with Plants
As far as decorating trends go, plants are king in all kinds of spaces right now. Decorating with plants is something I’ve really enjoyed doing in my new home. My husband jokes that our living room is slowly becoming a green house, which I take as a compliment! If one day the corner of my living room looks like this one Continue Reading
Cozy Living Room Making Your Home a Welcoming Space
Have you ever visited a home that was so beautifully decorated that you were afraid to sit down? How about a home that felt so still you felt like you could never completely relax? Most of us want our homes to be welcoming as well as beautiful, but that balance can be difficult to achieve. But your home should be Continue Reading
drywall install Soundproof Drywall: Creating a Sound Barrier Comparable to 8 Layers
There are many reasons why you might want to create a sound barrier in your home. If noise outside your of the home or coming from other rooms is disruptive, or if a family wishes to increase privacy, there are ways to create a soundproof barrier using drywall. Typically, drywall doesn’t do more than muffle sound coming from outside of a particular room. Continue Reading
tray-ceiling-1024x576 Tray Ceiling Designs
Ceiling design is actually quite an important element in home architecture. It can make the difference between an open and airy feeling or a dark and closed-in space. It can make a room appear large or small, and can even effect the value of a house. There a variety of different ceiling styles to choose between, or you can even Continue Reading
orange-peel-texture How to DIY Orange Peel Texture on Drywall
When you think about it, the walls of our homes put up with a lot. They keep us dry and protected all year long, they hold up to the elements, and they do their best to look nice, too. So isn’t it time we did something nice for them? If you really want to reward your walls, how giving them Continue Reading

Remodeling Rooms in Your Home

Equal parts exciting and intimidating, remodeling is also rewarding. After months or even years of planning and construction, your newly remodeled home will boast countless amenities and aesthetic qualities you always dreamed of. Whether you’re starting small for now with a basic bathroom remodel, or you’re going big and remodeling your entire home, find everything you need here to get inspired and get the ball rolling on your project with our home remodeling ideas.

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