Double-Hung Windows: All You Ever Wanted to Know

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Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window types and have two sections that move up and down within the frame. Positioned one over the other, an upper and lower sash—the part of the window that holds the glass—allow venting from the top or bottom of the window.


Because of their functionality and simple design, double-hung windows have the advantage of fitting into just about any decorating scheme, from contemporary to historic homes. Another advantage to these is that they’re space-saving: they don’t take up exterior space while open, which can be a problem with other types like casement windows.

Since the upper and lower sashes are able to tilt out, cleaning is a cinch and can be done from the inside. Homeowners could then also inspect weatherstripping and repair caulking if necessary. There are even some models that have completely removable sashes.

Two double-hung wooden windows

Materials and Styles

Double-hung windows come in a variety of materials, with aluminum being the least favored choice due to the fact that it’s not as energy-efficient as other materials like wood, vinyl and fiberglass. As for styles, there’s removable grids, transom or curved frames, multi-paned sashes, as well as a multitude of colors.


The total cost of a double-hung window replacement depends on several factors like labor, quality, area of the home, size, and manufacturer, but homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 on average per window.

Stunning all-white bathroom with double-hung windows

Common Questions

What’s the difference between double-hung windows and single-hung windows?
The norm for construction in the past, single-hung windows have a fixed top sash that doesn’t open and a lower sash that can only be opened vertically. Double-hung windows have two sashes that operate for much better ventilation and can tilt inward for easier care and maintenance.

What window type is better, double hung or casement?
It comes down to the space in which you’ll be installing the window. Double-hung windows are a better choice if you’re concerned about space, as they don’t take up any exterior or interior space when opened. Casement windows, on the other hand, provide an unobstructed view, seal better, and provide better air flow, though they take up interior space since they open inward.

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