Black Window Trim

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Black window trim has emerged as one of my favorite new design trends. When we built our home 3 years ago, it wasn’t something I even considered, and just one year later as my sister started remodeling her home, when she chose all black windows I wished I had too! They add a definition to the architecture and allow the windows to stand alone. I’ve found some examples from several different house design styles, and in every case they look amazing!

Interior Black Window Frames


In this rustic farmhouse kitchen the wider wooden window frames look right at home with the black hardware and the clean white walls. They keep the vintage style windows feeling updated and fresh.


In this modern adobe home, the high black window frames are a simple statement and almost look like art on the wall. These smaller square windows are also a great way to get natural light while still having wall space for furniture.

I could live in this beautiful hallway laundry room with those black trimmed windows and door. On a multi-pane window the design detail is even magnified and looks amazing.


This luxury dining room is elevated with the inclusion of the wall of windows with black steel casing. What a gorgeous way to bring the outside in with that view!

Even this multi-pane arched window looks like a major focal point in black, tying in the leather seats and the dark countertops.

Black Window Trims on the Exterior


The black exterior trim on this cape cod style home is clean and inviting. Using black feels so intentional and sophisticated.

Finally, on this old Tudor style brick home the exterior frames are black while the interior remain white. I love the clean lines and the gorgeous elevation of this home.

I’m totally convinced I need black window frames. What now? This tutorial for painting frames seems really simple and straightforward for wooden frames. This one is better suited for vinyl frames like in my own home. What do you think about the black window trend?

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