Our Favorite Floor to Ceiling Window Layouts & What They’ll Cost You

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Looking for a home renovation that will increase your property value, provide an interesting design focal point in your interior design, and add more light and natural beauty to your home, all rolled into one? You’ve come to the right place! If you expect a lot from your window replacement project, a floor to ceiling layout may be precisely what you’ve been searching for.

These outsized windows draw the outdoors in, allowing the surrounding natural features to transform into living decor throughout your home. They also offer a chance to give a modern makeover to outdated interiors. However, as a luxury feature, they will cost you more than your standard window replacement. Check out some of the best layouts we’ve seen—and what you can expect to spend to get the look.


Window Wall

Some views are just too beautiful to be interrupted by fussy frames or unnecessary wall space. A floor-to-ceiling window wall offers fantastic panoramic vistas right from the living room sofa. They look fantastic facing a tranquil garden, large pool, or other showy landscaping feature, giving your space an approachable luxury feel and flooding your interiors with natural light.

Since these windows must be configured to your home’s specifications and measurements, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact cost for this product before you engage a professional. However, as a ballpark estimate, expect to spend somewhere between $700 to $1,600 per linear foot. The frame and glazing that you choose will also factor into the costs, and going with energy efficient materials like insulated frames and low-E coatings can definitely drive up the final price. However, when you replace a large part of your home’s structure with glass, the efficiency of your materials becomes imperative. Otherwise, your monthly energy expenditures could become really unreasonable.

Thankfully, large windows and energy efficient materials are both highly desirable features right now, so your return on investment will likely rate pretty high for these installations. And if you love this look but can’t stomach the price, you can get a similar effect for cheap by installing a large sliding glass door.


Geometric Pairings

Installing a window wall is a huge undertaking, though—it can mean renegotiating the structural integrity of your home and reduced energy efficiency, among other concerns. An easier way to get this look is to instead install a bank of several windows. For instance, in the photo above, multiple accent windows flank a large picture window, adding up to an outstanding modernist take on the living room.

This technique works particularly well to open up smaller areas, like a kitchen nook with vaulted ceilings, or a pressed-for-space living room. It also makes a great choice if budgeting is a concern, since you can pair multiple rows of factory-made windows to achieve this effect, rather than buying something special order. Again, the type of windows you choose will affect the cost, but to give you an idea, you can expect to spend around $450 dollars for a mid-grade picture window. Additionally, the installer will likely charge more to cut into the wall, so be prepared to spend more there as well.


Cathedral Windows

Big and square isn’t the only way to redesign your windows. If you crave a more stately design piece, gothic is the way to go. A cathedral window feels right at home in a living room with high vaulted ceilings, or a minimalist breakfast nook that needs a little extra oomph. To get the look without sacrificing your home’s modern aesthetic, go for less ornamental pieces with angular lines. These windows also make a great spot to feature a custom stained glass work, a trend that’s reportedly making a comeback in upscale homes.

Window dealers generally consider cathedral windows to be a custom shape—therefore, you’ll typically have to pay a bit more upfront for these pieces. However, the final price of this window design largely depends on how customized you want it to be. You may need to visit a luxury window seller or custom frame builder that can help you design a window tto meet your exact specifications. That typically drives up the cost, since these windows cannot be mass produced in a factory. In fact, a very intricate piece may cost as much as $10,000.

For stained glass inserts, plan on factoring in even more money into your replacement project. The price of stained glass varies wildly, although you’ll generally get a better price if you go with a pre-made panel, rather than a custom artisan piece. Even still, factory-produced inserts can cost between $150 to $5,000, so it’s best to shop around a bit first.

Still, with benefits you’ll gain—like increased productivity, a more positive outlook, and more exposure to natural sunlight—floor to ceiling windows may be well worth the price.

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