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How To Choose A Medical Alert Device and Service Provider

Medical alert systems have proven invaluable to seniors who wish to live independently.  But the elderly are not the only age group that can benefit from using a medical alert system.

Medical alert bracelets or pendants are equally important for people who suffer from certain medical conditions that could lead to a medical emergency, such as diabetes, epilepsy, or heart conditions. They can also provide crucial information for medical professionals and first responders if you have food or medication allergies.

Modernize places a strong emphasis on providing homeowners with information about  safety and quality of life in their homes. We created this guide about medical alert systems to provide you with up-to-date information about medical alert systems, key features to look for when choosing a system, and how to choose the best medical alert company for your needs.

Table of Contents

How to Choose a Medical Alert Device

It’s critical when considering a medical alert system and company that you’re able to prioritize the the services that will be  necessary or may become so in the future. Some of the top things to consider may be: 

The type of medical alert device needed 

  • How it is connected (landline, cellular or standalone)
  • The device’s range (if in-home service)
  • Its battery life (for mobile services)
  • Its fixed monthly cost and add-on costs (for monitored devices) 

As noted earlier, the medical alert system that is right for you or your loved one relies deeply on personal needs and lifestyle choices. Any credible medical alert company should recognize this and work with you to make sure the system is a proper match and catered to your needs. 

Installation depends on the type of medical alert system you opt for, but no matter the final choice, should be considerably simple.

Landline medical alert devices can plug in through a phone jack while cellular network devices that stay at home typically set up like a TV — with an antenna and power buttons. Mobile medical alert systems are typically plug-and-play needing an initial charge and setup. Most devices come equipped with a “test” mode to make sure everything is in sync. There will usually be a number to call for activating your new medical alert system. Setup should not take more than a day. 

How Choose a Medical Alert Service Provider

Now that we have covered how medical alert systems work and some of the options and features available, you can start to think about choosing a service provider. 

There are many different companies that offer medical alert systems and monitoring services. When shopping around, here are a few important things to think about:

  • Types of equipment: Most companies offer roughly similar devices. However, the equipment should be simple to use, especially if they are for aging seniors. Also consider equipment cost, functionality and reliability.
  • Customer service: Hopefully, you or your senior will not need much contact with the medical alert monitoring center or require equipment support from the customer service department. Be sure the company you’re considering offers exemplary and personalized customer service in these areas. Another consideration is the average response time after an alarm event is triggered.
  • Affordability: Traditional in-home systems are less expensive than mobile systems. Make sure to compare prices for adding additional features as well.
  • Long-term contracts: You might not want to enter into a three-year commitment. Inquire about shorter-term contracts and cancellation policies before agreeing to anything.

Exploring these options before buying can help ensure you choose a medical alert system that meets your needs and the needs of the elderly under your care.

Modernize can help you find a medical alert system provider with ease. We can help connect you to a trusted medical alert system provider. A medical alert system can help move you one step closer to having a home medical alert system that empowers and expands you or your loved ones’ overall independence and health. 

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