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Everything you need to know to complete your Home Accessibility home improvement project.

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Home Accessibility
Bathroom Accessibility: Home Modifications for Aging in Place
As time passes, more and more people find themselves considering how — and where — they want to live out their golden years. One trend…
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Is Aging in Place Right for Your Loved One?
As people grow older, it makes sense that they begin thinking about whether they want to age at home, or look into assisted living options.…
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Will Medicare or Insurance Cover My Assisted Living Projects?
As our bodies change with age, so too do our homes. While some elderly individuals might require or prefer to move into assisted living…
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How To Choose A Medical Alert Device and Service Provider
Medical alert systems have proven invaluable to seniors who wish to live independently.  But the elderly are not the only age group that…
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The Advantages of Walk-In Tubs
As more individuals express a desire to age in place, universal design —the concept of making a home more accessible to all who live in…
Home Accessibility
Making Your Home More Accessible: A Checklist
As the population grows older, more and more individuals are considering how they want to live out their golden years. Aging in place, or…
Home Accessibility
COVID-19’s Impact on Accessibility Home Improvements
As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, many are struggling with sudden changes in their day-to-day life and future plans. The alarming…
Home Accessibility
How Do Stairlifts Work?
Do you want to live in your home as long as possible? Most people do, according to the National Council on Aging, nine out of 10 seniors…