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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smart

Thanks to home automation, you can now have complete and personalized control of your appliances, lighting, temperature, and even entertainment—all through internet-enabled applications. By automating your home and being able to control it from anywhere in the world, home automation will help you save time, money, and energy. Here are ten easy ways to make your home a smart home.


Table of Contents

Secure Your Home

As a homeowner, safety and security is a top priority, and smart homes offer this peace of mind so that you always know what’s going on at home—even when you’re not there.  Safety reviewed 50 home security systems available for smart homes. These systems provide views of the home through cameras in and around the home. Some even offer a keyless entry feature so you can unlock doors from the safety of your car.

Control Your Solar Energy System

Tracking your energy use is particularly important with solar, especially if you net meter. Net metering allows homeowners to sell unused energy back to the utility company. Green Tech Media mentions Sky, a solar power control center that tracks usage to help you investigate peaks and patterns in use. It’s like having a personal utilities assistant.

Ease Landscaping with Automated Sprinklers

Say goodbye to flooded yards and wilted flowers thanks to automatic landscape watering from Rachio. The application connects to wifi and allows users to schedule watering periods based on climate and landscaping needs.

smart thermostat

Set Your Thermostat and Enjoy Off-Peak Hours

Heating and cooling our homes garnishes a large percentage of home budgets. Smart home thermostat applications tap into off-peak times  set by utility companies in order to save consumers money and ease use of power grids. CNET reviews the price and features of some of the most popular smart thermostat systems.

Let Smart Homes Light Your Way

Need to raid the fridge but dread feeling your way down a dark hallway? Homes with smart lighting allow occupants to control lighting from computers and even phone applications. Now you can turn on the kitchen light from your bed. CNET’s review of wifi-enabled home control systems include connections to Echo and Google.

Increase Safety from Gases and Smoke

Rest easy with the best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors of 2018. Applications provide notifications of increased levels while also detecting smoke. Tired of the incessant beeping after burning the popcorn? You’ll also be able to enjoy turning off the smoke detector with a phone app rather than the end of a broomstick.


Keep Track of Loved One’s Movements

Medical Guardian provides a motion detecting system for tracking movements in the home. These systems can alert users of falls of loved ones. The program is popular for adult children caring for aging parents, as well as the parents of children with disabilities who are at risk for leaving home.

Monitor Your Home’s Health

To help protect your home from water leaks and damage (including frozen pipes and flooding), check out some of these smart water leak detectors. These systems are prime for occupants on vacation or otherwise away from home. The system quickly alerts occupants of problems allowing water lines to be turned off sooner, saving money and potential home damage.

Entertaining with the Smart Home

Binging through Netflix and Hulu just got even easier. Now you can watch all your favorites without even leaving the couch, thanks to smart home automation through products that use voice control on entertainment devices including smart TVs, gaming, and music systems. One product, Singlecue, leaves voice control behind, requiring a mere wave of the hand or similar gesturing.

Smart Pools Save Time and Money

Save time and energy with smart pool technology. These systems monitor a pool’s water level and even the chemistry of the water. The system allows scheduling pool pump usage during off-peak hours for savings. This also helps maintain a healthy pool environment by avoiding premature evaporation and escalated chemical levels.

What’s your personal experience with smart home technology? Share with us in the comments below!

This guest article was provided by Kyle Pennell of Power Scout.

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