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Kitchen Countertops from EnviroGLAS

Using recycled materials in your home doesn’t have to mean compromising on beautiful design. In fact, home products created from recycled materials can bring unique charm and elegance that many newly manufactured products simply can’t offer.

Recycled glass countertop

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What Is EnviroGLAS?

EnviroGLAS takes into account the desire of eco-conscious customers who believe in making one person’s trash their own treasure. The company creates decorative countertops and tiles made from chips of recycled post-consumer glass and porcelain. The chips are bonded together with color-pigment epoxy resin. The final product is resistant to stains, burns, and chipping, plus free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

But don’t go thinking durability comes before design.

Terrazzo flooring has been used as a decorative element of architecture for more than a millennium. Using recycled products may seem like a newfangled idea, but early Italian construction workers used bits and pieces of scrap marble to surface the patios in their homes. EnviroGLAS keeps this tradition alive but offers a wide array of vibrant hues like aqua, cobalt, and mirror glass. You can also choose the color of the resin, leading to endless design options. The ability to customize colors and materials allows you to have something that not only matches your design style but is also unique to your home.

EnviroGLAS Products

  • EnviroSLAB Countertops. You can customize EnviroSLAB countertops with your choice of glass and resin colors as well as choose a high-gloss or matte finish.EnviroTRAZ flooring.
  • The lightweight resin makes the recycled glass flooring lighter than traditional terrazzo, so it’s perfect even for a second story. It’s also highly durable and requires little maintenance.

Eco friendly

LEED Credit Points

If you’re renovating or building a new construction and want to have your home LEED-certified, EnviroGLAS meets several criteria for environmentally beneficial construction. You can receive points in these areas: recycled content, construction waste management, regional materials, and low-emitting materials. You may also get extra points for design innovation.

Common EnviroGLAS Questions

  • How much does EnvirGLAS cost?
    The price of about $50 per square foot falls within a reasonable budget for many kitchen renovations. Consider calling for an installation estimate before you decide yay or nay.
  • Is it easy to maintain?
    Maintenance is pretty straightforward. You can use a damp cloth and common cleaner on your EnvirGLAS surfaces. You also have the option to seal with a polish to protect it and keep it extra shiny, but it’s not a necessary aspect of keeping your countertops or flooring beautiful.
  • What is the size of a standard EnviroSLAB Countertop?
    The standard size of each countertop slab is 27” x 84” x1.” Your installer can customize the sizes, but that’s going to cost you closer to $100 per square foot.

Bottom Line

EnviroGLAS turns a use-and-toss approach to glass into a beautiful work of art for your home. Many homeowners will enjoy the company’s products, which are eco-conscious and style-conscious.

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