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8 Trendy Kitchen Backsplash Colors

Choosing a kitchen backsplash color can be tricky — it has to complement all the other room’s fixtures and possibly even the décor of the living and dining areas if you have an open-concept floor plan. A kitchen backsplash is also an opportunity to add some color and personality to an otherwise mostly neutral space. Here, we are sharing some of the top kitchen backsplash colors, from a timeless white backsplash to an on-trend green backsplashkitchen backsplash

Black Backsplash

Whoever said dark and moody colors do not belong in a kitchen has never seen a great black backsplash. Popular thinking says black can make a room appear smaller, but that is not necessarily true. In fact, a lot of black can go a long way. In other words, a black backsplash is a helpful space design element – it can create an illusion of the wall receding to make a kitchen look larger. A matte ceramic tile is smooth, sophisticated and available in many shapes and sizes. Prefer to go glossy? Its high shine looks lovely and reflects light. 

An all-black backsplash complements more cabinet colors than you think — white, black, gray, and warm wood stains all pair nicely. 

Gray Backsplash

Gray is the new white when it comes to interior paint, and this crowd-pleasing hue has made its way into the kitchen. It is often referred to as the new neutral because it complements many other colors. It can also work wonders with white cabinetry or countertops – a gray backsplash adds a touch of color that is safer than a brighter hue. Opt for a herringbone tile in limestone with gray cabinets and black quartz counters for a lovely tonal look, or a classic subway pattern that extends to the ceiling. A glass tile in gray is striking, and it allows light to bounce around the room. Get geometric with a rhombus or hexagon shape to take this neutral shade to the next level. 

Balance a kitchen of cool grays with some warm counterpoints, like brass cabinet hardware, wood floors, or rattan pendant lights.

White Backsplash

What would this list be without white? Timeless yet always on-trend, a white backsplash looks amazing in every kitchen style, from traditional and classic to luxe and modern. All-white kitchens are popular for their crisp and clean look. A white backsplash can act as a neutral background that allows painted cabinets to pop, like a rich blue or sage green. Play with texture and tile configurations to create depth and add visual interest. 

Sheen is another way to create personality with a white backsplash – go with a glossy zellige or marble tile for a luxurious touch. 

Blue Backsplash

For a non-neutral in the kitchen, consider a shade in the blue color family. Blue can evoke feelings of calm and serenity, two welcoming additions to kitchen spaces that are often buzzing with activity. Choose a hue with gray undertones to keep it on the cool side of the color wheel, or opt for a bold navy for a bright burst of color. If you live near water (or decorate like you do), a scalloped tile can mimic the movement of ocean waves. 

Glass tile in cerulean or HGTV Home’s Aleutian blue can shimmer like sparkling water. Whichever shade of blue you fancy, cabinets in a bright white or soft gray will create a welcoming and refreshed look. 

Black & White Backsplash

Chic and sleek, a black-and-white backsplash will elevate any kitchen’s design. It is a combination full of drama and high contrast that works with most styles. It also creates a natural focal point and a touch of the unexpected. If you love the patterned look but shy away from bright hues, black and white ceramic or cement tiles are a beautiful choice. For the ultimate splurge-worthy luxury, consider a black marble slab with white veining. 

Do not overlook grout color as an opportunity to add contrast and dimension — classic white subway tile with black grout is a nod to vintage style that complements many cabinet and countertop combinations.

Multicolored Mosaic Backsplash

More households want to show off some personality in their kitchens. In a 2021 survey of kitchen and bathroom design professionals, 43% noted more homeowners are requesting color in their kitchens. A mosaic tile backsplash is a great way to experiment with color and pattern in a way that keeps the design timeless and fresh. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, or glass mosaic tile in hundreds of colorways and shapes for a bespoke kitchen that is truly one of a kind. 

When selecting a multi-colored backsplash, tie the color palette in with your kitchen’s existing fixtures and flooring for a cohesive look.

Blue & White Backsplash

A blue-and-white combination is welcoming and bright, and will infuse a kitchen with energy and optimism like a breath of fresh air. Get the look with a fun backsplash that balances neutral and color in equal measure. Embellish a nautical theme with navy and white or opt for something subtle with a powder blue or a shade with gray undertones. Make this contrast the star of the show with dual-toned kitchen cabinets or a blue center island. 

Light and warm wood tones can also make a blue-and-white backsplash pop.

Green Backsplash

It’s easy being green this year. Kitchen design is taking cues from nature with earthy-inspired color palettes. There is a reason why most leading paint manufacturers selected a shade of green as their color of the year. Green can be both grounding and uplifting, reminiscent of greenery, trees, and the vibrance of life. A backsplash in sage, avocado, or hunter green can offer just the right amount of eye-catching color in the kitchen. 

A green backsplash pairs beautifully with a bright white palette and honey-toned woods. 

Don’t Backsplash Alone

While it’s entirely possible to replace a backsplash yourself, many households are leaving this project to the pros. A professional kitchen designer or tile installer will be able to provide suggestions on color, material, and size, whether you are planning a backsplash update or a full kitchen remodel.

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