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Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Solar Panels and Roof Replacement: Before the Installation Process
Before beginning a solar panel system installation, many steps are required to ensure your property is suitable and capable of supporting…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Detecting Signs of Roof Hail Damage
The roof is one of the key areas that keep your home or business safe and secure from the elements. When the roof is damaged by inclement…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Best Options for a Flat Roofing Replacement
Flat roofs may seem untraditional, but they’re actually prominent on homes in the Southwest United States—or any arid region. The…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Best Roof Shingles for Heat and Hot Climate
If you live in an area with soaring summer temperatures, it is important to consider the best roofing materials for your climate. The…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
6 Tips for Saving Energy at Home: Roofing
While energy-efficient appliances and daily energy-conserving practices are effective when it comes to saving money, there’s another way…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
How to Create a Budget for Your Roofing Project
When you are facing emergency roofing repairs that you did not expect, it’s hard not to worry that your budget for roof replacement is…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Discussing Cost and Payment Options With Your Roofing Contractor
A new roof can be a valuable asset to a house’s value, but it also increases your home’s curb appeal and functionality. Your roof is an…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
Understanding Roof Permits
Whether you decide to opt for metal, asphalt, or solar shingles, all roof installations share this commonality: the work will need a…
Homeowner Resources, Roofing
5 Tips To Hire the Best Roofing Replacement Contractor
After a severe storm, filing an insurance claim to repair or replace your roof can be challenging. The goal is to repair or replace your…