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Roofing Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Roofing home improvement project.

Roof Over: Roofing Repairs
The time has come for a new roof and there’s a decision to make whether to tear off the old asphalt roofing and replace it or add new…
Solar Panels and Roof Replacement: Before the Installation Process
Before beginning a solar panel system installation, many steps are required to ensure your property is suitable and capable of supporting…
Understanding Roof Permits
Whether you decide to opt for metal, asphalt, or solar shingles, all roof installations share this commonality: the work will need a…
What To Expect During Your Roof Installation
Once you have chosen a trusted roofing contractor and budgeted for the cost of a roof replacement. It’s now time for the roof…
Is It Safe To Install A Roof In The Rain?
When preparing for a roof renovation, you have control over many factors, including your contractor selection, preferred materials, project…
How Do I Install a Decorative Cupola on My Roof?
Love decorating? Why focus all your attention on your home’s interiors? A cupola adds a classic and unique twist to exterior surfaces,…
Round Roofs: How to Install or Replace
Talk about rounding out your home’s design! A curved or conical roof adds an interesting architectural element to your home, bringing…
What to Expect During a Roofing Replacement
If you’re a homeowner, you’ll most likely need a roof replacement at some point in time. And though the very idea of such a big…