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Posigen Solar Company

Posigen is a model for American solar companies. But for now, they’re only serving lucky homeowners in Louisiana, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

From saving money utility bills to increasing property value, solar panels are a worthy investment for your home. And finding a reliable and trustworthy solar installer is your first step in powering your home with solar energy. A knowledgeable contractor will help guide you through the process and ensure that you maximize both the immediate benefits of and future return on your solar panel installation. 

For homeowners in Louisiana, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Posigen is a solid choice to consider. The nearly decade-old outfit has a straightforward goal: Help low- and middle-income homeowners equip their home with solar energy. The results of doing so have long-term ramifications on the affordability of maintaining said homes and saves homeowners actual money. In fact, Posigen guarantees it, promising that “the customer will save more money than they spend in the first year,” they told Modernize. And that’s but one of the reasons they make for a choice of solar contractor worth mentioning.

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Posigen is here to serve normal people, not the uber-wealthy

Business reporter Daniel Gross puts in plainly enough in a Slate article he wrote about Posigen: “PosiGen doesn’t target yuppies…” he wrote, adding that a 6,000-large survey of the company’s customers found that is average client is “a 56-65-year-old African-American female, who spends at least four hours a week at church.” And perhaps more importantly, Gross reported, about 75 percent of Posigen’s installations have been in neighborhoods where the median income is significantly lower than the national median. “Call it blue-collar green,” Gross quips.

“Margie Vicknair Pray, 62, who retired from her job in oil and gas safety in Houston, lives in a 1,000-square-foot home on a half-acre in Lacombe, Louisiana, north of Lake Pontchartrain. In the summer, her electricity bills ran between $185 and $250. The bills were even higher in the winter—up to $300—because her heating system is powered by electricity,” Gross found. “After she signed up with PosiGen in late 2013 … Pray says her savings have been significant. In addition to the $60 monthly payments, she notes that ‘electricity billing for the summer was as low as $11.’”

Posigen makes it easy to set things up, and easy to keep things going

There’s a reason Posigen has earned the business of more than 80 percent of the home solar panel system market in Louisiana. As Chris Martin wrote in Bloomberg about the company: “Its startegy: Target the low-income neighborhood that other installers avoided.” And Posigen shaped its product to meet homeowners weary of shady deals and looking for reliable and trustworthy companies:

  • There are no future bumps in a Posigen agreement with a homeowners
  • It’s not a contract even
  • There’s no credit required
  • There’s no down payment

Posigen has more than 14,000 customers right now, and the number keeps growing. While different homes mean different types of solar panel systems and projects, Posigen does aim to keep some things consistent. Here’s what to expect:

Always get multiple opinions—check out Posigen’s customer reviews

We often recommend you consult with various contractors and this is no exception. From chatting with friends and family to amassing about three or four contractors (and their quotes) before choosing the right one for you, it’s always valuable to see what real people say about real projects rather than trust what a company promises. So after reading this Modernize advice and checking out the Posigen offerings for yourself, be sure to get a gander at what its customers say about its solar panel installations

Here’s a taste:

  • Rosalind Condoll said that while she knew what the installation would entail beforehand, the completed project was “beyond the call of duty and I’m very appreciative of it.”
  • Kevin Harris said he’s saved so much from the Posigen project that his wife can “go shopping a little bit more” and they can both “go and do a little other things,” like help his daughter out when she needs some help. And he’s glad it “helps out city, our climate, everything that’s trying to go green in order to help our atmosphere, our planet.”
  • Crystal Valeary said that without Posigen’s program, she “probably would not have gotten any solar panels.”

There are many reasons to make your final choice of a contractor to elevate your property value with solar panels. And one article shouldn’t be it. Make phone calls, consult others, and do your research. And know companies like Posigen exist and yes, they aren’t too good to be true. They’re real—and waiting for your phone call.

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