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All About Colored Vinyl Windows

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Replacing Window Frames

When it comes to window frames, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. The desired aesthetic for your home will play a large part in your choice of frame, as will your local climate and the cost of installing window frames. When you make the choice to replace your window frames—or install frames on a new window—you have the opportunity not only to change your home’s look, but to increase its energy efficiency, too. 

Vinyl window frames are a popular choice for many people because of their price point and the ability for vinyl to resemble wood window frames—resulting in the same charm of wooden window frames, but more resistant to moisture and other elements. Vinyl window frames keep the heat from escaping from your home when it’s cool outside, which makes them a good option for energy efficient window frames. You can increase savings on your energy bill if you opt to inject insulation into your window frames. If you don’t live in a historic home requiring you to use wooden frames, vinyl windows make a great energy efficient alternative to wooden frames.

What is Colored Vinyl?

Vinyl window frames are made from polyvinyl chloride—PVC—which you may know as the material from which plumbing pipe is made. Vinyl is a popular material for window frames because it is resistant to moisture, low maintenance, and fairly durable. Not only that, vinyl can be installed in a variety of colors to suit the exterior of your home. Vinyl windows are often seen as a great option for white window frames. However, homeowners have options when it comes to colored vinyl windows. Even better is that one of the most popular features of vinyl window frames is that painting is not required because vinyl frames are the same color throughout.

Colored vinyl window frames can be customized to suit almost any project. The color is injected into the PVC before the window frames are molded to their required shape. This ensures a uniform color throughout the window frame, and it also cuts down on maintenance in the future. This is because you won’t have to spot-check your window frames for any scratches or dings— if the frame is chipped it won’t really show because the colored vinyl is the same color throughout.


Benefits of Colored Vinyl Windows

There are several advantages and benefits of colored vinyl window frames besides their resistance to moisture and the ability to inject extra insulation in the frames. Here are even more:  

  • Affordable option for homeowners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Do not crack, peel or warp
  • Don’t cause your windows to stick due to expansion or contraction depending on the weather
  • Versatile option for window frames

Request a Price Quote

A reputable windows contractor  can answer any questions you have regarding colored vinyl windows— whether you’re replacing your windows and frames, or installing new windows in your home. When you start looking for contractors for your windows project, and request quotes from the contractors, don’t be surprised if you see slight differences in the prices quoted. The differences in prices can depend upon several factors. For example, you could be quoted different prices depending upon

  • The availability of contractors
  • An extremely customized colored vinyl window
  • The availability of resources (including personnel)
  • Your desired timeline

Make sure you’re comparing the same thing for each quote. For instance, don’t compare the cost of a common colored vinyl window frame with that of a unique—and possibly custom—colored vinyl window. Do provide each contractor with the same project scope, including your desired completion date and whether or not these are replacement windows or new windows. The availability of contractors and their team can also affect the quote they provide. If they are very busy, and therefore in high demand, their price may be higher than that of a window contractor with less work at the time.

Look out for any contractors who quote a very high or very low price for colored vinyl windows. Those outliers are typically a good indicator that they are trying to price gouge you—in the instance of a high quote—or have a lot of hidden fees when they quote well below what you’ve been quoted on average. Always ask for—and check—references from your windows contractors. If they don’t have references or are unwilling to provide them, it may be a good indicator that you should keep searching for a contractor.

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