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Florida Permits: For Storm Windows

While living in the Sunshine State comes with a lot of benefits, there is, of course, one constant downside Florida residents have to keep in mind — hurricanes and storms. 

And that means storm-friendly impact windows must be an integral part of your home’s master renovation plans. With that comes one key question: Do I need a permit for that?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” 

Storm windows are cut from a different cloth than regular windows and that means there are more steps and preparation that need to take place for your safety. Modernize is here to help. Here’s what you should know. 

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What Are Storm Windows? How Are They Different From Regular Windows?

Storm windows are high-impact-friendly, hurricane proof windows that are built to withstand even the strongest storms. There are different types —comprised of vinyl or aluminum— and they all are built to help combat water corrosion, debris, and hurricane-strength winds. 

They’re also super strong— often to the extent that homeowners can avoid the hassle and often unsightly cosmetic appearance of added storm shutters. 

Though they let the light in and keep the elements out like any other window ideally does, the biggest difference between storm windows and regular ones is the glass. Storm windows have an added layer in between panes that keep the glass from shattering like a normal window would. Even if the glass breaks, it won’t shatter. 

In Florida, the state’s building code requires storm windows depending on a home’s location. But even if your home is outside a pinpointed area, it’s often still recommended to opt for the storm windows. 

Besides safety in a storm, impact windows add additional home-security, better insulation and a great ROI — studies say as much as 80 percent. 

What’s the Storm Window Permit Process in Florida? 

The whole purpose of pulling permits is to ensure that you, and anyone else involved in the process, are kept safe. Florida window permits guarantee your home has proper ventilation, the window is installed properly and that all the work is done to code. 

As previously noted in our Modernize Contractor Checklist, it’s important to discuss what permits you or your contractor are acquiring. Important things to ask your contractor for include: project plans, proof of permits and proof of insurance. 

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How Do You Know It’s Time For New Storm Windows?

There are multiple signs and symptoms that suggest it’s time for window and door replacements. Windows are built to withstand extreme storm conditions over the years and long term exposure can lead to dents, rust, receding moisture, and more. 

Right before storm season, of course, is an ideal time to work on requesting Florida window permits. Getting ahead of things will ensure time to work with your contractor to get your storm windows installed before you have to rely on them! It also means you can potentially kiss putting up and pulling down storm shutters goodbye. 

There’s also the issue of home security. Older windows tend to be less secure according to USA Today because they tend to be thinner and, as we mentioned earlier, if they aren’t storm windows, they can shatter.  

2022 Homeowner Storm Guide

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All in all, pulling Florida window permits is just a crucial step to living in the Sunshine State — but it doesn’t have to be hard! Working with a Modernize contractor can make the process quick, easy and lead you to an unbeatable peace of mind. 

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