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Should You Replace Doors and Windows at the Same Time?

No matter if it’s to improve curb appeal, function, energy efficiency or all of the above — window and door replacements are a small but mighty home improvement that can change the entire profile of a home. But is it smart to replace both at the same time? The answer is an emphatic “yes.” 

Both doors and windows protect your home from outside elements and unwanted guests while simultaneously keeping airflow inside. 

That’s why it’s important to make sure that when it’s time to replace windows and doors together, you’re not missing any steps. Here’s what you need to know and consider. 

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When is it time for a window and door replacements?

Aside from just feeling like giving your home’s exterior a refresh, there are additional signs and symptoms that suggest it’s time for window and door replacements. 

Doors and windows are built to withstand extreme elements over the years, not limited to rain, snow, and sun. Long-term exposure can result in warping, cracking or not being able to shut your doors or windows properly. 

Signs it’s time for a replacement include: 

  • Rust, dents or large scratches 
  • Signs of rot 
  • Flaking paint
  • Softening wood
  • Cracks along the edges
  • Worn out weather strip
  • Air and extra light coming in from around the door frame
  • Sun stains/fading/peeling 
  • Moisture stuck inside the panes
  • Air or a draft coming from the window’s edges
  • Handles not working properly
  • Frame deterioration
  • Broken or cracked panes 

All of these symptoms are examples of a door or window losing its integrity. Additionally, air coming through the frames means your doors or windows are costing you in your monthly utility bill by not being better insulated. 

There’s also the issue of home security. Older doors and windows are often less secure according to USA Today because they tend to be thinner and may not have modern locks. 

New doors and windows will not only deliver peace of mind but as noted by Modernize, it’s also a simple upgrade that will deliver a high ROI at the time of resale. This is especially true since it is reported that curb appeal can increase a home’s value by as much as 12 percent. What’s more, door and window replacements are among the top return on investment percentages regarding home upgrades

What are the benefits of replacing windows and doors together?

Pulling double duty on your home’s replacements is a smart move because of its efficiency. 

As long as you’re not altering your home’s structure — for example, by widening a door or window frame — neither project will require a permit

Next, just like when you replace siding and windows concurrently, replacing windows and doors together gives homeowners a better opportunity to increase their home’s energy efficiency. 

Both windows and doors can drastically affect a home’s energy profile. It won’t make sense to replace your home’s windows with energy-efficient Low-E glass windows but not buying an equally energy-efficient door with proper insulation. 

Replacing windows and doors together better allow for you and your contractor to focus efforts on a whole-home initiative rather than piece by piece. 

As previously noted by Modernize, preparing your home for better energy efficiency can mean a lot of changes happening at once — but the savings on your energy bills can make up for that over time. Modernize recommends consulting with a professional energy auditor to best evaluate how to boost your home’s performance.

What’s more, planning a dual project like replacing windows and doors together may seem daunting because of the higher cost upfront, but contractors may be more amenable to negotiating a bundle deal for coupling the two projects. Check with Modernize’s price calculator for a better idea of expenses. 


Ultimately, replacing windows and doors together can be a basic project that reaps large rewards. 

Both are regarded as home improvement projects with high ROIs. The average door replacement costs under $1,000 but is considered one of the top ROI home upgrades by percentage. Additionally, mid-range window replacements can have an ROI as high as an estimated 78 percent. 

Door and window replacements are both possible to do without major overhauls or permits so long as sizing doesn’t change— meaning it’s a quicker project compared to other home improvement jobs. 

Of course, if the installation process seems intimidating, Modernize can help set you up with a contractor who can help make your curb appeal vision a reality. 

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