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York Furnaces Buying Guide

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York Furnace Brand Review

York HVAC is one of the largest furnace and air conditioning suppliers in the world. They offer quality heating units and AC systems. What is impressive about the York brand is that they take their advanced heating and cooling technology and incorporate it into all of their products whether you are looking to install a new York furnace or replace your home’s current ac unit with a replacement York air conditioner.

york hvac system

Close-up of 4 different types of York HVAC units.

York Furnace Installation Costs

York offers three different price tiers of gas furnaces. There is the Latitude (economy series), the LX series, and the Affinity series. The Affinity furnaces come with added features that help them heat your home more precisely for improved comfort overall.

On average you can expect to pay in between $2,285 and $3,768 to install a new York gas furnace in your home. If you were wanting to price out the cost of a high quality Affinity Series YP9c series furnace you could expect to pay around $2,199 for the HVAC unit alone and $3,768 in total installation costs. See our list below of York furnaces and their associated installation costs:

York Gas Furnace Costs by Model
York Gas Furnace ModelsUnit Only PriceInstallation CostsAFUE %
Latitude Series TG8S$826$2,285 80%
LX Series TM8Y$1,015 $2,578 80%
Latitude Series TG9S$1,235 $2,900 90%
LX Series TM9E $1,396 $3,120 up to 92%
LX Series TM9M$1,425 $3,187 up to 92%
Affinity Series YPLC$1,875 $3,542 95%
Affinity Series YP9C$2,199 $3,768 95% +

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Which York Furnace Model is Most Cost Effective for Your Climate?

When deciding on which York furnace replacement model will be best for your home, you will need to take into consideration your location and home size. This will allow you to know what kind of BTU levels you will need and also which AFUE rating would be best for your home. We have separated each region of all 50 U.S. states below into a climate map to help give you an idea of which York model furnace would be the best for you.

  • Zone 1, 2, 3: – 80% AFUE
  • Zone 4: – 90% to 93% AFUE
  • Zone 5: – 93% to 95% + AFUE


furnace installation heat map for climate

If you were installing a new York furnace in a Zone 3 climate state such as Kansas where the winter weather can be moderate for a 2,000 square foot home, you will want to think about installing a York Latitude Series TG9s with 90% AFUE. That particular York furnace model will price out to be around $1,235 for the furnace alone and with HVAC labor and installation costs will be around $2,900 in total.

York Quiet Drive Technology

Some of the higher quality HVAC units sold at York are equipped with what is known as a QuietDrive comfort system. This advanced sound dampening feature makes for some of the quietest heating and cooling units around and makes York air conditioners and furnaces a suitable replacement option for any environment where noise reduction is favored.

York Variable Speed Furnaces

York Affinity gas furnaces come equipped with variable speed blowers that provide more precise heating capabilities. These variable blowers help the units run more efficiently, and allow the heater to keep your home exactly at the temperature you want.

ClimaTrak Comfort System

York gas furnaces can help reduce humidity levels in your home at specific levels. This is known as the York ClimaTrak comfort system and it allows the furnace to provide quality air for your home based on your current climate. Very humid locations will benefit from reduced humidity, and less humid locations won’t be dried out as much.

York Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Both commercial establishments and homeowners of large homes or multi-family units will be interested in York’s Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. The system makes it possible to deliver heat to different areas of a building at a variable rate so you can provide twice the heat to your living room as you are pumping into your kitchen and even less into the storage rooms upstairs. By being able to deliver heat at a variable rate with this equipment it is possible to heat and cool a home or business efficiently. It is rare that a building will need all the heat output delivered by a furnace, this technology uses only what is needed and nothing more.

Not only are these systems highly energy efficient, but they also take up less space than running ducts would. All the heat is delivered through piped refrigerant. The pipes do not have to be large and can be run through most spaces without a problem. When you are tight on space and have difficulty making ducts fit into a floorplan, this could be just the heating and cooling solution for your business or home.

Variable refrigerant flow systems also make it possible to cool some rooms while heating others. Imagine that you have a server room that generates a tremendous amount of heat throughout the day. The unit could cool down that room while warming up the other offices and the warehouse in your building to keep everything at a comfortable temperature.