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Average cost: $5,400 - $19,800. Use Modernize's calculator to estimate your HVAC project.

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To make the process of replacing your home’s HVAC easier, the ModHVAC Calculator offers system recommendations and a quick estimate of your replacement costs to save you the guesswork. To use the tool, just slide the bar in the green box to match your home’s square footage. Then enter your city and state below and click Calculate Cost. Seconds later, you’ll be provided with a set of options for your new HVAC unit.

HVAC Buying Guide for Detroit

Purchasing a new HVAC system is serious business requiring important decisions specific to your expectations and property. Many steps are necessary before beginning an HVAC installation including obtaining the proper permits, hiring a reputable HVAC contractor, and taking advantage of rebates or incentive programs available in your area. The following buying guide will answer some of the most important questions and point you in the right direction.

You Need an HVAC Permit in Detroit

Permits and contractors go hand-in-hand. In Detroit, replacing or installing a new HVAC system requires a permit. For information about HVAC permitting, visit the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center at 2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 401, Detroit Michigan 48226-3442. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. General inquires can call (313) 224-2733. Applications are also accepted online. You can create a login and access the system by clicking here.

The state of Michigan requires that only a state licensed and certified HVAC contractor install HVAC systems. When doing research for a contractor, ask to see a copy of their license as well as liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  A quick phone call to the applicable insurance company can verify active coverage. Note the information then query a search on the company using the contractor license search at the Michigan.gov website. This will allow you to verify if the contractor you are considering actually holds a current license and one that allows the company/staff to do HVAC installation. Do the license search for each contractor you are considering for the project before entering into an agreement.

HVAC Insulation in Detroit

You may need to upgrade your insulation to attain maximum HVAC efficiency and performance. Consider replacing old insulation with a new rolled or blown-in product. Be sure to ask the contractor if he will inspect the existing insulation or if you need to hire an insulation specialist. If you must hire a second contractor, the same rules apply. Check their credentials and insurance coverage to ensure they are qualified and licensed to do the work.

Failure to permit your HVAC installation or replacement can result in fines that exceed the cost of the permit. In addition, if you should hire a contractor who has not followed state licensing requirements, you might face fines and additional permit fees as well as facing the possibility of a failed inspection.

Detroit, MI HVAC repair & installation contractors

Buying a HVAC System in Detroit

Michigan cities have diverse climates throughout the year and the city of Detroit is no exception. With temperatures that average 83 in mid July to an average low of 20 in mid January, you want, and need, a system that will provide and maintain the temperature levels necessary for a comfortable environment throughout the year. In addition, with approximately 183 days of sunshine, Detroit HVAC contractors must consider this when making their HVAC load calculations.

When buying a HVAC system, consider asking potential HVAC contractors these questions then compare the answers:

  • What brand is best for me? If you prefer a particular brand of HVAC, make sure to convey your wishes to your HVAC contractor regarding brand during the initial estimate.
  • What are the systems efficiency ratings? The SEER and HSPF ratings are a factor as the higher the ratings, the better the efficiency, and the higher the system cost.
  • Can I expect a lower utility bill with a new HVAC system? This depends on the SEER and HSPF ratings, proper installation, condition of the existing ductwork and the ability of your home — exterior envelope — to retain conditioned air.
  • What can I expect to pay in labor and materials for a new HVAC system? Get estimates from more than one company. Check consumer reviews for brand products. Be sure the estimate includes all costs of the equipment, accessories, labor for installation, piping, and ductwork and insulation, when applicable.
  • What is the warranty period and does it include both parts and labor? A warranty from the manufacturer will cover the equipment. In addition, your contractor may offer a warranty for labor and repairs. It is highly recommended that you get a written 100 percent money back guarantee for the installation work. Be sure it is signed and dated.

Compare the answers from each and choose a contractor who exudes the confidence, experience, and professionalism that you feel will do the best job at the best value.

Finding Cost Cutting Programs for HVAC Installation for Detroit

You may be able to reduce the costs of your HVAC project by taking advantage of available rebates and tax incentives in your area. Depending on the type of HVAC equipment you install, government, state and manufacturer rebates may be available. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency “DSIRE” to view a comprehensive list of incentive and rebate programs broken down by state. Simply enter your area’s zip code to find these valuable programs.

In addition to the websites listed above, visit the energystar.gov website to discover if your system qualifies you for the federal income tax credits for energy efficiency offered by the federal government to promote energy conservation.