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Paul is wonderful and I am thrilled with the service, product, and warranty! Full review
  • 43 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
We have lots of technicians and lots of service trucks across the country. You know what that means? It means that… More
Ryan was on time possibly early when I had no heat suddenly on a Saturday morning. 62 degrees in my house.… Full review
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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
A small family owned business committed to keeping you comfortable, day after day. More
  • 2 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Family owned and operated, 20 years + in the field More
  • 11 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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Salesman came quick (Tuesday) and quoted 3 - 4 weeks. Contractors called on Thursday with install on Friday - same week.… Full review
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  • Accepts Emergency Requests
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We are a Family-Owned Company Working for years on remodeling, Houses , apartments , office., Residential and Commercial Very profecional with… More
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  • 8 Years in Business
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HVAC Replacement in New York City

A new HVAC system adds to the comfort of your home with energy saving efficiency while lowering monthly utility bills. It’s a big investment and one that needs the expert help of a professional HVAC specialist and contractor. This buying guide provides a few tips to add to your checklist of things to do when purchasing a new HVAC system for your property in New York City.

Information to Consider for HVAC Purchase and Installation

Several areas to consider when purchasing a new HVAC system are cost, budgeting, potential tax credits and rebates, property preparation, and climate.

Cost, Budgeting, Tax Credits and Rebates – The average cost of a new system is not cheap and can range between $3,500 to $4,500, or more. There are multiple payment options available such as a home equity line of credit, personal loan, retailer financing or credit card. There may be programs, loans, grants and tax credits available to you. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. This resource has plenty of useful information.

Property Preparation – Prepare a checklist, and walk around the property to find any areas that may be a source of leaking air. Check around all door jams, windows, chimney covers, cracks and crevices. Air seepage negates the functionality and efficiency of a HVAC system. You’ll also want the duct work inspected. It is suggested when installing a new HVAC system that the duct work should be replaced. It’s also important that the property be adequately insulated.

New York City Climate – Climate is a factor in purchasing an HVAC system because you need a system that can handle the particular climate changes for your region. New York City typically experiences its coldest temperatures from November through March. The hottest months are July and August. Installing a system that can’t handle extreme temperatures is a waste of money. This calculating tool will provide basic information about HVAC size, system type and rating, efficiency ratings, and an estimate of how much your property value will increase.

New York City, NY HVAC repair & installation contractors

Permits for HVAC Installation in New York City

Inquire about required permits at the New York City Buildings Department located at 280 Broadway, 3rd FL, New York, 10007. For customer service, call (212) 566-4769. Contact the office prior to installation to ensure you have the applicable permit, if needed. Failure to have a required permit can result in fines for the property owner.

HVAC Selection for your New York City Home

Below is a short list of examples of HVAC systems.

When determining the type of HVAC system needed, discuss with the HVAC professional the appropriate size that will serve the needs of your property. Do not assume the size HVAC unit currently installed is the size needed. The HVAC system needs to be determined by the square footage of the property. A system that is too small or too large is not cost or energy effective.

Selecting a Licensed HVAC Contractor in New York City

If you are hiring a private contractor to do the installation, check that the contractor’s license and insurance credentials are current. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any law suits or claims filed against the company.

Benefits of a New HVAC System for your NYC Home

The benefits will speak for themselves each month as your home is more energy efficient and your utility costs go down. By installing a new system, you’ll also increase the market value of your property. Should you decide to put the property on the market, a new HVAC is a good selling point and one that can add to your Return on Investment.

Before purchasing a new HVAC system, follow the tips, do your research, and consult with a trained HVAC specialist to ensure you buy the right system, for the right price, one that can handle the climate of New York City along with the square footage of your property.