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Ideas for your Bathroom Tile Remodel

blue-tile-bathroom-1024x1024 Tiled to Perfection: 15 Stunning Designs for your Bathroom Remodel
Tile is truly a superhero building material. We almost always see it in bathrooms, because it stands up well in damp conditions, it’s resistant to staining, and it’s easy to clean. It’s durable and stylish enough to be used on the floors, walls, shower stalls, and even as a decorative accent. Sometimes the entire room is tiled! But if you’re choosing Continue Reading
Image via RENTCafé 7 Tips to Give a Style Boost to Your Rental Home
Take control Clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and airy rooms look beautifully elegant in photographs. However, living with less can be hard to achieve 24/7. So if you love to collect, prefer an eclectic style, or simply like having your “stuff” within easy reach, minimalism isn’t for you. Purists, meanwhile, can enjoy sleek and efficient living spaces, maybe with some of Continue Reading
Small, moderm bathroom Bathroom Tile to Get Excited About
When color theory breaks down, when fashion trends reverse, when everyone else knows, just knows, the only right way to decorate your bathroom, only one question stands tall: “How do you want to feel inside your bathroom?” Answer that question. Then ask, “How can I use bathroom tile to generate that feeling?” Or, better yet, just take a look at the Continue Reading
bathroom tile designs Get Inspired: Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas
Get Inspired with these Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas New tile is one of the best ways to give your bathroom a fresh, modern look. Because options in material, colors, and patterns are endless, this is a chance to truly be creative as you design your remodel. However, all those choices can be a little overwhelming. Read on to learn about some of Continue Reading

Bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom tiles are an essential part of the home. Tiles can be found on the floors, on the walls, and in some instances on the ceilings. They’re made of ceramic, glass, slate marble, as well as a wide range of other materials. Bathroom tiles’ main purpose is to protect the area under the floor and behind the wall from moisture. Since it’s guaranteed that bathroom tile will get wet, and since water and tile can produce a slippery and dangerous combination, look for tile that has a high slip resistant rating. This will reduce the risk of falling.

In addition to protecting the interior structures of the home, bathroom tiles are a great way to decorate a bathroom and express personal style. Some homeowners prefer tiles that look like wood or like stone for the bathroom floor. Others appreciate the modern look of glass tiles. There are enough bathroom tile designs to meet anyone’s taste. If your bathroom is curvy, consider using smaller tiles that can be adapted to the shapes and curves of the room. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning grout, install larger tiles, which will minimize the amount of grout.