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At ARS/Rescue Rooter, your comfort is our priority. Always. From plumbing emergencies to heating repair, air conditioning installation and attic insulation,… More
  • 46 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Sunrun is the nation's largest residential solar, storage and energy services company. With a mission to create a planet run by… More
  • 17 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
Momentum Solar, founded in 2009, is a top solar contractor and Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company that employs over 1,000 people… More
  • 12 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
  • Offers Financing
  • Offers Loan Options
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Semper Solaris is California's premier residential roofing and solar panel installation contractor. We offer the best solar panels available on the… More
  • 9 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
Infinity Energy cares about adding value to our customers lives and no material thing is more valuable than your home. By… More
  • 7 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Located within the heart of the San Fernando Valley in the city of Chatsworth, California Deluxe Windows has established itself as… More
  • 22 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Ranked No.1 Full Service Remodeler based on sales by Remodeling Magazine May 2018. Since 1989, Dreamstyle Remodeling has been on a… More
  • 32 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
We are a family owned Home Improvement company established in April of 2006 we are a fully licensed General and C-39… More
  • Offers Financing
  • Licensed
At Treeium, we are passionate about the environment! We get excited about helping homeowners go green, build their dream home in… More
  • 26 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
When you decide to start saving by going solar, one of our experienced Energy Consultants will come to your home to… More
  • 9 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
If you're in the market to get your roof replaced, look no further than Reliable Roofing & Retro-Fit! In business since… More
  • 19 Years in Business
  • Licensed
Since 1985, SunPower has been leading global solar innovation. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind… More
  • 36 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
NRG Clean Power is California's leading solar energy provider,with over 30 years of superior customer service. We're more than just a… More
  • 34 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
Since I started PetersenDean 35 years ago, we have fulfilled our mission of delivering world-class roofing and solar power systems at… More
  • 38 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
We are a family owned business that does residential and commercial roofing. Our owners have over 30 years experience in the… More
  • 9 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
AHT Wisconsin Windows is ready to help you make your home more beautiful, more comfortable and more energy-efficient with home improvements… More
  • 8 Years in Business
Design Windows and Doors Inc. is a family-owned window and door contractor serving Greater Ontario. We were started in 2005 and… More
  • 16 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
We offer innovative financing solutions that help contractors build a better businessRenew Financial was founded in 2008 by Cisco DeVries, who… More
  • 13 Years in Business
OUR MISSION STATEMENT: "Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry One Customer at a Time, While Changing the Lives of Our Employees for… More
  • 20 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
  • 17 Years in Business
  • Accepts Emergency Requests
Team All Star Construction is a General & Roofing Construction company. We provide roofing, windows, hvac, insulation, patio covers, concrete, pavers,… More
  • 6 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
We service the following area(s): Hesperia, CA, Oak Hills, CA More
  • 19 Years in Business
  • Accepts Credit Card
  • 22 Years in Business
  • Offers Financing
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“I have old windows in my home and I need to replace them.”

Home Window Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

Home windows are a vital part of a beautiful and energy efficient home for Los Angeles homeowners. If it’s time to replace your old drafty windows with new replacement windows, this article is your best guide to understand more about home window installations in California. It will focus on the six most common window replacement types to help you choose from the different window styles that may suit you and your home best.

Replacement Window Costs in Los Angeles

The average replacement window job in Los Angeles can cost anywhere from  $150 to $750 for the window alone. You can expect to add in labor costs to a window installation which can average an extra $100 to $250 per window alone. Total costs for new home windows will be centered around the factors listed out below.

Los Angeles Home Window Replacement

Window Installation – LA Style

Before we discuss the six most common replacement window types, let us first briefly discuss the basics of a window. Windows can either be operable or fixed. A window unit has at least one sash, composed of a glass sheet and different frame material types. The sheet of glass is what we generally call the window pane. Glazing is the process of placing the glass in the window frame. A replacement window frame has 4 parts: a head, the sill, the jamb, and the side jamb.

California window manufacturers make windows for both new construction homes and also for replacement windows if you are needing multiple new windows or the glass breaks on your current windows. The difference is the presence of a nailing fin, a rim that permits the building to secure the home window into the wall opening. A window for new construction has a nailing fin, while a replacement has none. Instead, a replacement window is placed in an existing window frame rough wide opening  with the use of fasteners throughout the whole assembly. These different window options will affect replacement window costs as a whole. Use our Modernize window cost calculator to help you understand the costs to install new windows in Los Angeles. 

Replacement Window Costs in Los Angeles

The average replacement window job in Los Angeles can cost anywhere from  $150 to $750 for the window alone. You can expect to add in labor costs to a window installation which can average an extra $100 to $250 per window alone. Total costs for new home windows will be centered around the factors listed out below.

Most Popular Home Windows in Los Angeles

Each window replacement type has characteristics that distinguish it from the other window styles. Aside from its looks, their function and features set them apart, which can help you choose easily based of the needs for your California home. The best replacement window brands will usually offer each of these common window types as well as a few others.

home window installers in Los Angeles

Single-Hung Window Replacement

A replacement single-hung window gives off a classic touch to your home. It has one operable window sash, which is commonly the lower sash. Most window models permit you to move the sash inward to allow you to clean the outer part.

Double Hung Window Replacement

A new double-hung window is much like the single-hung type. What’s better with this type is that both sashes, the lower and upper ones, are operable. If you lower the upper sash and raise the lower one, you can have the warm air near the ceiling circulate, which enables the cooler air to come in. Many models have sashes that tilt inward, which permits you to clean the outside surface while inside your home. This feature is vital if the window is on the second floor of a building.

Accent Transom Windows

The accent window design or transom window installations available on the market come in an embellished rectangular designs or different shapes with color windowpanes, such as circles or octagons. This window type is usually fixed, which lessens the ventilation in your room if that is of concern.

Bay Window Installation

Bay window installation is a very popular window type in California, it opens a room and gives extra seating or storage area. It brings light into your home and a window allows for beautiful outside views. It usually consists of a new picture window installation in the middle accompanied by two side windows called flankers.

Sliding Window Replacement

Sliding window installations use one or more track panels with sheets of window glass. The panels slide horizontally through a track in its upper and lower side. This feature enables you to easily operate the window for better ventilation and opening up an elongated view of your beautiful Los Angeles neighborhood.

Glass Block Window Replacement

Replacement glass block windows have single blocks placed together using mortar. LA window installers usually use break-resistant glass blocks, which allows privacy while permitting light to enter your home. A glass block window is a fixed typed window, but some insert a vent that you can open to allow ventilation. You most often see these windows installed in bathrooms or other rooms of your home where privacy is important.

Hopper Window Replacement

Hopper window replacements have their hinges on the bottom and are operable from the top. They allow proper ventilation in house basements. Their location is commonly on a low outdoor wall, attached to the way going down the basement.

When planning on replacing windows in your Los Angeles home, it is best to know a thing or two to help you decide which window type will suit your needs. Nevertheless, you can always consult with a local expert window installer to help guide you as to which window will work best with your home’s design and your own personal preferences for replacement home windows.