It is a skill to move a homeowner through the whole sales process and close the deal. Unfortunately, if you have underperforming salespeople and a lackluster marketing plan, your home improvement business is missing out on potential contracts.

To improve your contractor marketing sales process, take a look at the most common factors that are causing homeowners to give you the cold shoulder.

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Response Time

How much time goes by between the moment a homeowner requests information to when you contact them? Not following up fast enough is one reason homeowners are looking for other contractors.  

Our digital world provides fast information with only a few clicks. People do not want to wait for information, and they don’t have to. If they do not hear back from your team, the homeowner will move down the list and talk to the next contractor. 

You can avoid this by ensuring that each lead receives a timely response from your sales team. Create internal systems to speed up the timelines and give yourself an edge over the competition. 

Homeowner Confidence

When a homeowner is preparing to spend a lot of money on their project, they want to make sure they hire a contractor they can trust. One strategy for closing the deal is by helping homeowners learn more about your reputation and the results you will deliver. 

Social proof is a great way to build homeowner confidence and help people see why you are the preferred home improvement contractor in the area. When you have many positive reviews about your company online, it gives the homeowner confidence in their decision to choose you. Build social proof by asking current and past customers to share their experiences through online reviews and referrals. Make sure these reviews are easy to find online. For example, you might post reviews on your website’s homepage. 

Another beneficial strategy is to share before and after photos of projects you have completed successfully. These images help the homeowner visualize the possibilities, making them excited to start as soon as possible. 

Sales Team Pressure 

A pushy sales team is a big turn-off for potential clients. In the earliest stages of your contractor marketing campaign, the goal is to provide information and education – while also building a relationship with each lead. 

If the sales team is too pushy at any point in the sales funnel, it will likely drive away leads who are not ready to sign the work agreement. Instead of putting too much pressure, focus on providing value and building genuine relationships with each homeowner. This process develops a strong foundation and builds trust, which increases the likelihood that the homeowner will move forward with your services when the time is right. 

Remember that it takes time to build a quality relationship with each lead. Find the “sweet spot” of following up to avoid overwhelming the homeowner. 

Improve the Sales Funnel and Boost Your Business

These sales tips might seem small, but they can bring about notable improvements in your closing deals. So, regardless of your current conversion rates, look for ways you can implement these three tips to improve your results even more. 

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