Every business owner knows that an essential part of a successful business is a successful brand. The more recognizable your business is to your potential customers, the higher the likelihood that they will choose your services over the competition. 

Improving your brand awareness is crucial to spreading the word about your business and increasing your reach across more homeowners. Here are our top three brand awareness strategies to help close more deals in the new year.

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Strategy #1: Direct Mail

The internet is one of the first places homeowners search for local businesses; it is also valuable to look for other ways to get your name out there.

Direct mail, such as flyers or cards, provide physical reminders of your business – with a more personal touch. When homeowners are ready to plan their projects, the chances of them remembering your company are high, especially when they have your direct mail sitting on the counter.

Also, consider the demographic you are targeting. For example, aging in place homeowners might not use online search as frequently as younger generations. So, direct mail gives you a way to reach out through a marketing method that speaks to your ideal customers.

Strategy #2: Creating an Effective PPC Campaign

Creating paid ads or website content targeting industry-specific keywords is an excellent way to ensure your brand/company site shows up when a homeowner is searching online.

With the right keywords included in your ad copy, you can generate more impressions of your brand and website, increasing your chances of being seen by users looking for your services. For example, January is a time when homeowners might be searching for keywords relating to home renovation trends in 2022.

Strategy #3: Use Email to Your Advantage

Email marketing is still alive and thriving, especially for your target audience. Leveraging email outreach is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Many homeowners are aware of their budgets during the New Year and pay close attention to their emails for any deals and promotions. Send an email to your list of homeowners to wish them a Happy New Year and share any current promotions you are running. One email can bring in more leads, which helps to fill your schedule at the beginning of the new year.

Email outreaches can increase your chances of homeowners responding directly to your messages, establishing a quick and easy first touchpoint in your homeowner relationship.

Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

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