Home warranties offer undeniable benefits to home buyers and real estate agents, building in the peace of mind that people need when buying a new home. Even when a buyer finds a home in good condition, unexpected problems can pop up – costing the new home buyer hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

As a home warranty provider, how do you connect with the homebuyers who need these services? Continue reading if you are looking for ways to increase your home warranty leads. These three tips are proven methods to help home warranty companies connect with optimal leads. 

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1. Lead Generation Services—Modernize 

One of the easiest ways to increase your home warranty leads is by working with a lead generation company. Instead, tap into an ongoing flow of home warranty leads so you can turn your attention to your current and potential customers. 

Lead generation services give you a shortcut to finding ideal homeowners  looking to invest in home warranty. Home warranty lead services bring the benefits of ongoing access to a warm market, so you can fill your schedule and hit your monthly sales goals. 

2. Local Real Estate Agents 

Partnering with real estate agents to offer home warranty services to their clients is a win-win for you and the agent. Real estate agents have a warm list of potential homeowners, and these clients will need warranty services when it is time to close the deal.

Agents want their buyers to be happy with the properties. If unexpected repairs pop up, then it can lead to dissatisfied homeowners. A home warranty helps to close the gap – giving each homeowner the coverage needed in case something needs to be repaired or replaced. 

As you are looking for ways to increase your home warranty leads, reach out to local real estate agents to form business connections. Even though home warranty companies cannot offer agents a referral fee for leads, they are motivated to help their clients access quality services. 

Help each real estate agent capture the vision by showing how a home warranty reduces the length of time a property stays on the market and increases each home’s sales price. Buyers and sellers benefit from home warranty services, and real estate agents thrive when their clients are happy. 

3. Building Confidence in Your Homeowners 

Buying a home is a significant investment, and many people walk into the deal feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement. You can turn home warranty leads into policy buyers by putting each homeowner at ease about their purchase. 

This warranty makes it easier to move forward with purchasing a home since the buyer is offsetting the risk of repairs and services. When homeowners understand the available coverage, this information can help them move forward with this investment. 

When home warranty companies receive the leads, they need to be ready to educate homeowners on the benefits of these policies. It does not matter how many leads you have coming in – those leads will not turn to profits if you do not educate your homeowners. 

Be ready to answer each person’s questions and offer information about how the policy works. This personalized approach helps each person feel more comfortable and confident in the services. 

Quality Home Warranty Leads from Modernize 

If you are wondering how to get the best home warranty leads, then Modernize can help. Our proven system takes the guesswork out of lead generation. We bridge the gap between homeowners and the contractors they are searching for, giving you a chance to get in front of a trusted source of home warranty leads.  

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