As the year comes to a close, many home improvement contractors are moving into their slow season. Because of this, you might be bracing for fewer appointments on your calendar. If that is the case, now is the perfect opportunity to generate referrals by showing appreciation to your current customer list.  

Customer appreciation is an essential step to maintaining ongoing relationships with each homeowner. By thanking homeowners for their business and caring about the project outcome, you foster a positive connection that leads to repeat work and referrals in the future. At the same time, you strengthen your company branding and establish your place in the community as a reliable, hardworking professional in the industry. 

How are you connecting with your customers this season? Here are a few tips to help get you started: 

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Send Holiday Greetings and Thank You Notes

Thank you card

Take time to send out cards, such as holiday greetings, thank you notes, or a congratulatory message. It might seem like a small thing to drop a card in the mail, but these details can boost your business appearance overall. 

The goal is to create a point of connection – an opportunity to show homeowners that you care about them and are interested in the long-term results of each service. Send a general thank you note or a sentimental message for the season. Tell them that you appreciate their business and that you are grateful they trusted your team to work on their home improvement projects.

Additionally, depending on the working relationship with each homeowner, you can personalize the note. These customizations show each homeowner that you remember them and the details of their project. Personalization strengthens the relationship with each homeowner, which results in a higher volume of referrals and gutter leads.

Increase Brand Awareness Through Branded Gifts

Everyone loves to receive swag! So send out small holiday gifts that you brand with your company logo and contact information.  

When these items are around the house, homeowners will remember the quality services you provided. In addition, these branded items keep you at the top of mind, so they know whom to call for additional projects or referrals. 

Do not stress if you do not have swag. While these customized gifts offer a nice touch, another option is to send a small non-branded gift with a personalized note.

Maintain the Relationship Always

How often do you run into clients at the grocery store or around town? If you see a current or past customer, take time to say hello and have a conversation. 

When working with many homeowners throughout the year, it can be hard to remember every face and name. But if you recognize someone, then be proactive about saying hello. This interaction can strengthen the relationship and keep your business at the top of their mind. 

Additionally, these random conversations create a great conversation starter. For example, they might have this conversation over the dinner table: “Hey, I just ran into John Smith, from Roofing and Gutters.”

Thanking Your Customers: Why it Matters

Thanking your gutter customers is a small task. It is easy to send a quick thank you note and just as easy to let this outreach fall to the backburner. However, even though it seems simple, do not overlook the power of ongoing communication with current customers, past customers, and gutter leads. 

As you strengthen the relationship, it results in more business opportunities into the New Year. People know whom to call when they need home improvement services. Plus, your referral rate goes up since you are staying at the top of their mind. If your customers have friends or family looking for assistance, they will likely provide your company as a referral. 

Additionally, showing gratitude to your customers boosts homeowner satisfaction, leading to better branding and optimal levels of business success in the coming years.

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