A successful online marketing campaign connects customers with the products or services that match their interests or desires. Using the right keywords as part of your online advertising campaign makes it easier for users to find your website.  

It does not matter how relevant or attention-grabbing your message is; exposure to your target audience is limited without relevant or highly targeted keywords.

The first step to improving your online marketing campaign is choosing the right approach for keyword list. Here is a three-step process to help you select the ideal keywords for your campaign: 

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Understanding Keyword Intent

Homeowners are searching for certain things. Keyword intent shows the purpose behind their search. 

We do not always know what someone wants to do online. But we can gain insights by analyzing their searches. For example, does the keyword phrase sound informational or commercial?  

A commercial intent means they are ready to buy. These types of keywords can include phrases like: 

  • Deals 
  • Discounts 
  • Buy 
  • Near Me 

Informational intent means the person is searching for information, but they probably are not ready to buy right away. These keyword phrases are suitable for list building. However, be sure that you have a current strategy to build the relationship. Examples of informational intent keywords include: 

  • History of… 
  • Information about… 
  • Why… 
  • How to… 
  • Best way to… 

Filtering Your Keyword List

After identifying the intent behind your keywords, it is time to refine your list by removing negative keywords that you do not want to bid on. Audience targeting helps you focus on the most important keywords to your customers by excluding irrelevant search terms. Even though these phrases are closely related to your target topic, they are not optimal for your marketing budget. 

For example, if a customer is searching for “DIY plumbing videos,” they are not likely ready to hire a plumber. Therefore, filter this type of keyword out of your ad campaign. Doing so will help you not pay for clicks and ultimately save on your marketing cost. Instead, use your budget on high-intent keywords, such as “plumbing installation near me.”

Stepping Up Your Keyword Bidding Strategy  

Are you stuck trying to determine what keywords to bid on? Unfortunately, it takes practice to dial in an effective paid advertising campaign.  

You will find high intent keywords that are also competitive, with many advertisers bidding on these phrases. We recommend enhancing your cost-per-click (CPC) for competitive bidding. 

If you do not know where to start, write an essential list of keywords related to your products and services. Then, use this list to explore the industry in keyword-finding tools, such as Google’s keyword research tool. 

You can enter your keyword or topic one at a time in Google’s keyword research tool. The tool will provide a list of keywords with information about the competition, traffic levels, price per click, and more. 

Proven Strategies for Keyword Selection

Are you interested in learning more about keyword creation and paid advertising? Check out our YouTube video for more information on this topic: Taking Paid Search to the Next Level – Audience Targeting: Keyword Creation. 

Contact our team at Modernize to learn more about the proven techniques we use to help you connect with homeowners who need your services. 

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