One of the most frequent questions contractors ask Modernize is, “How much do your leads cost?” We understand that no matter the size of your business, cost is always a factor regardless of the product or service you’re investing in. While the sticker price is certainly important, it’s only one of many data points to consider when developing a successful business plan. 

A more effective business strategy is to determine targeted company objectives and implement a comprehensive strategy to achieve them. Elements of this strategy might include benchmarks for growing revenue at a certain marketing cost percentage or cost per acquisition, or increasing the business’s market share while maintaining a set budget. Once these objectives have been established, you can zero in on which products and/or services will help you achieve them.

Having and executing a sales and marketing strategy helps unlock new opportunities for earnings and growth. It will also provide insights on your most effective strategies and how to replicate their success.

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The Modernize Way

At Modernize, you are the main focus. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with each of our clients by thoroughly understanding their current business objectives and how to achieve them. We value growing relationships, as opposed to making a quick buck with cheap sticker prices and gimmicky bargain rates.

We offer a variety of innovative solutions to meet your unique needs and evolve with your company. These products vary in price based on factors such as trade, homeowner intent, volume, market location, and other attributes. This makes the question of how much our leads cost difficult to answer in the abstract, and not particularly informative.

Instead, we focus on answering questions for prospects and clients such as, “How many deals can Modernize produce at x cost for me this quarter?” Or, “How can Modernize help grow my profit margin by x% while reducing my cost per acquisition?”

To help you find the answers to these questions and achieve long-term, quantifiable success, we work hand-in-hand with you throughout each step of the process. By assigning you an account manager, we’re able to expertly navigate strategy formulation and execution.

This account manager serves as a  marketing and sales consultant to coach you on the sales process and customizes a unique marketing program to give you the best chance of hitting your goals. No two Modernize clients share the same program, as we understand each business defines and achieves success differently.

Once a program has been developed and leads are generating, we continue working with you to evolve your marketing program and eliminate inefficiencies. Thanks to the Modernize Data Feedback Loop®, we’re able to provide a comprehensive inside look at which marketing strategies are the most effective for your company. This offers an unparalleled ability to understand how your company’s first 100 leads should perform compared to the next 1,000. 

Account managers utilize this data to help you scale metrics that are the most applicable to your business and goals. They work to optimize campaigns that will fuel positive results and refine or cease those that are lacking.

The Results

At Modernize, we choose to develop long-lasting relationships with contractors who are focused on finding predictable, scalable growth and willing to invest in services to achieve it. We seek out the businesses that are best matched for our products and services and dedicate our efforts to those that share our same level of commitment and aspiration for success. 

By having a selective partnership process we’re able to focus our efforts and resources on growing the partners who are dedicated to taking their business to the next level — saving everyone time and money.

We see the success that companies can achieve by being dedicated to implementing an effective sales and marketing strategy. Looking beyond just the price tag for products and services not only provides the opportunity for long-term growth but also ensures homeowners will have a better experience leading to more in-home demos.

Ready to Hit Your Business Goals?

Moving forward with the cheapest option may save you some money in the short-term but it won’t help grow your business to the next level. Implementing inferior services can result in dead leads, flooding the market, poor customer experiences, and a staggering CPA. This can result in a weakened bottom line and a hit to a company’s reputation.

The Modernize team of trusted professionals is ready to help you grow your sales pipeline with ideal clients. Be in the best possible position to capitalize on homeowners who are ready to start their windows, roofing, siding, HVAC, and solar projects today — Invest in a partnership with Modernize.

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