Lead generation is a vital part of any contractor’s growth strategy, but paying for leads that have no prospect of requesting a quote or demoing can crush your marketing ROI, cost you valuable time and leave you with a headache instead of a new project.

Thoroughly vetting candidates to identify qualified leads is the most effective way to avoid this frustration, but it can be a time-consuming task to tackle in between other client projects and managing a growing company.

This is where a trusted, third-party site like Modernize comes in. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to focus on your lead generation — easing your schedule and worries, and allowing you to focus on more important matters

However, handing off any business element can make many contractors skeptical initially. That’s why one of the most common questions we get from prospects is, “How qualified are your leads?”

What We Do

At Modernize, we recognize the importance of identifying qualified leads and understand the ever-changing complexities of effective lead generation. Thanks to our proven methods and intimate knowledge of the windows, solar, roofing, siding, and HVAC market segments, we are able to remove leads that are unlikely to request a quote.

By doing so, we provide our contractors with higher intent leads to save them time and improve their ROI.

How Modernize Filters Out Low-Quality Leads

Our process of finding the most qualified homeowners begins from the moment they start exploring contractor options. We use a series of data entry verification solutions to ensure quote requests are being submitted by real people with real addresses and contact info. Upon entering their personal information, our software also confirms the address and phone number are real.

These steps seem simple, but they can save you valuable time and money. This also eliminates the headache of tracking down a potential client’s contact information if it was entered incorrectly.

Additionally, Modernize often serves as the first point of contact within seconds of a homeowner submitting a request. During this initial conversation, we work to understand the details of the homeowner’s project and to verify their intent, removing those that are not ready to explore a project or those in need of a contractor from a different trade.

Based on the answers provided to us, we use a lead scoring algorithm to determine which prospective clients present the best opportunity for our contractors.

We don’t stop working once you’re connected with a homeowner. The Modernize Data Feedback Loop® is an innovative system that tracks data throughout the entire journey from homeowner interest to a completed project.

This data gives us a comprehensive inside look at the marketing strategies that are most effective for you. Using these findings, we optimize our marketing investments across the various channels and campaigns we use to drive leads, doubling down on those that tend to drive higher quality leads and curtailing those that don’t. 

What It All Means

What does all this work amount to? Does Modernize really make a lead generation that much more effective? Absolutely.

In the last month, we received over 150,000 project inquiries from homeowners. While that seems like a lot of potential, it’s actually a massive potential waste of resources if you were to pursue every one of these initial leads. Thanks to our vetting process, we were able to remove around 10% of these leads due to low quality — helping to connect contractors across the country to the homeowners most ready to get their projects underway.

Generating high-quality leads has the obvious financial benefit of potentially landing projects to generate profit, but it benefits your company in other ways as well.

Utilizing a robust lead generating and verification platform like Modernize can give you an advantage in capturing leads through a cost per action marketing strategy, and help you save expensive marketing dollars that can be redirected to other campaigns or to another part of your business. 

And those savings only improve over time.  In the last year, we’ve helped our clients decrease marketing costs on our products’ revenue by an average of 11%.  These savings allow for dollars to be allocated elsewhere and help you or your sales team focus on the leads that will generate the most profit. This also saves another valuable resource that’s more difficult to put a dollar sign next to — your time. By filtering out the lowest quality leads, you spend less time calling dead ends and more time focusing on your clients. Satisfied customers are 14 times more likely to purchase your services again than a new lead.

Ready For The Next Step?

Thousands of homeowners each day are ready to start their windows, roofing, siding, HVAC and solar projects, but antiquated approaches to lead generation aren’t going to connect them to you. And that’s okay. 

Our trusted team of professionals at Modernize are experts in the latest strategies you’ll need to land more clients, freeing your schedule to produce more incredible results. If you’re ready to spend less time chasing homeowners, and more time focusing on your work, Modernize is ready to help you today.

Ready to grow your business?