What is your role with Horizon Solar Power?

“My name is Ruben Ugarte, and I’m the Business Development Director for Horizon Solar Power. We’re a residential Solar installer out of Southern California, but we’re serving states nationwide.We’re one of the largest installers in the United States of rooftop and commercial Solar.My goal is to bring quality solar leads and lead generation to our sales team as well as other partnership opportunities to allow us to continue to grow and install more solar”

What is your goal in working with Modernize?

“In any relationship or partnership, it has to be a win/win for both organizations. I see that as the key to what we’ve done with Modernize as a whole and the relationship we’ve had with our Account Manager.The main goal is to find homeowners who want solar, who are interested in talking about it, who would like to have a proposal presented, and ultimately decide to go solar. I think another goal is being able to work with a company who you know is doing things the right way and delivering quality leads and homeowners who actually want to talk to you about solar – which is easier said than done in the lead business. Modernize has gone from being a small vendor where we do 3-5 sales to last month where we completed over 50 projects through Modernize. It’s amazing to have a relationship with one of the biggest home improvement lead generation companies in the nation and to be able to call them and have things happen – not even in a full day – but in a few hours, is empowering and something that makes me, as a business development director, proud to say that I have these types of relationships and I can make something happen when asked by my leadership team.”

How has your relationship with Modernize evolved?

“We originally used Modernize in 2014, and had a 3-month pilot that didn’t go very well. We were quite upset. We felt that, at the time, Modernize had sent us bad leads… That was our mindset. What’s funny is, after looking back six months down the road, we noticed that our COA (cost of acquisition) was in line and was actually pretty good! So, what do I do? I made a call to Modernize and we started the relationship back up about 6-8 months later, and the relationship has been going strong ever since.We’ve gone from testing small volume – a couple thousand dollars – to, now, purchasing leads nationwide in multiple states. We haven’t limited ourselves to just web leads; We’ve also purchased other kinds of traffic. The relationship has developed to a point where we come to Modernize first for a lot of priorities and opportunities we have on our side to grow.”

What is your advice for companies looking to grow through digital marketing?

“I think number one, working only with companies who are doing the right thing.Number two, working with companies who don’t look at the relationship on an insertion order basis but looking at it more as a long-term relationship. Thinking more like ‘where can we go from here? Where can we go the year after together?’ vs. ‘Send me the money for this order, I’ll send you 100 leads, and what happens, happens!’ I think a lot of times that’s the relationship that many construction companies have with their lead gen provider, and that’s not a bridge towards prosperity or future growth together.Finally, get to know your lead gen provider, come and visit them on-site, visit their call center. Understand who they are and what they want to be, and in turn, you can figure out fairly quickly if they are aligned with who you are and what you are trying to do.”

In one word, describe your relationship with Modernize.

“Robust. We’ve faced challenges as a team and as our organizations aligned. Certainly, we will continue to have challenges on our side, and on your side, and together. But, I think as partners, we understand each other’s goals and what we are trying to do for each other. Because we have that kind of communication and transparency, we work in good faith together, and I would say that our relationship is robust. It’s something that continues to grow, and I’m excited to work hand-in-hand with you guys. It’s been an amazing experience”
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