One of the fastest, most effective ways to connect with potential clients is through a lead generation service. But how do you know if you are paying for qualified leads? If you are going to invest your marketing budget in lead generation, it is essential to look at the data to make sure you receive quality leads instead of an old, cold list. 

A reputable lead generation service, such as Modernize, provides data that is accurate and helpful. Before you receive the data, have confidence knowing that the service sorts the leads, making them ready to go. 

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Lead Data You Need

The quality of lead data matters because it affects whether you have the information needed to connect with a homeowner successfully. The goal is to have a lead that helps with the initial contact and get you as near as possible to close the deal.  

What information should you be looking for when you are paying for a lead generation service? Here are a few critical pieces that help to streamline your system and optimize closing rates: 

  1. Multiple Forms of Contact: Homeowners have varying preferences in the way they want to communicate. While a phone call might be good for one lead, you will have others who prefer email or text messages. Ensure your lead data includes contact information such as the person’s phone number and a valid email address. 
  2. Age of the List: Time is of the essence, which is why you need to be sure that the list is fresh and relevant. You have a small window of time to capture the opportunity after a homeowner submits a request for information. A reputable lead generation service helps you connect with homeowners right away, making it easier to establish the relationship in the earliest stages. 
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: Your lead data is most effective when it integrates with your current systems. At Modernize, we streamline the process by providing lead data that seamlessly integrates with your preferred CRM tool. You also receive leads by email and text, with practical solutions to match your system. 
  4. Qualified Homeowners: Our goal is to connect you with homeowners ready to start their home improvement projects. We have an organized workflow for sorting homeowners into relevant lists. Have confidence knowing that our service optimizes each list for your subindustry. 
  5. Clear Understanding: Take the guesswork out of your sales process by knowing what the homeowner wants before starting the conversation. This lead generation process informs you of the homeowner’s intent, giving you a head start to customize your discussion and sales approach. 

How effective will your sales team be if they are working from a list of qualified leads? The results will have an  undeniable effect on your closing rates, business opportunities, and more. 

Quality Home Improvement Lead Example

Here is what you get when receiving lead data from a Modernize Home Services: 

As you see from this home improvement lead example, all relevant information is available, preparing you to connect with the homeowner right away. 

How Modernize Qualifies Homeowners 

Our team stands out from the competitors because of the unique way we qualify each lead. Since we are the first point of contact for homeowners, we filter and guide the flow to match each homeowner with a local provider – like your company. 

This process starts with technology solutions to ensure that real people are submitting accurate information. Once the details are in the system, the software confirms that the name matches the submitted address and phone number. Next, our lead scoring algorithm helps us determine the best opportunities for contractors and homeowners to meet.  

Our support does not stop when you have the first conversation with a homeowner. We use an innovative system to track homeowner data from start to finish – until the project is complete. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Modernize leads will change your business, reach out to our team to discuss the prospects. We are here to help. 

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