With more homeowners choosing to invest in home improvement projects, it is crucial that you are communicating in the right way.  In February 2021, Modernize Home Services surveyed over 18,000 homeowners and found that nearly 40 percent of homeowners prefer text messaging against other forms of communication. 

As a home improvement contractor, it is essential to communicate with homeowners’ in a way that is most convenient for them. Doing so can improve their overall project experience— leaving you with a happy customer and the opportunity to ask for repeat business or future referrals.  

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Why Should You Text Your Homeowners?

Texting new leads and existing customers will allow you to get your message across quicker and more effectivelyResearch has shown that 98 percent of text messages are opened and read. Further research also indicates that 95 percent of text messages are responded to within three minutes. Giving your homeowners the flexibility to respond when it fits in their schedules allows you to provide a seamless experience for each customer. 

Some of the benefits of texting include: 

  • Instant communication with customers 
  • Flexible conversation timelines – homeowners can text while they are at work or with kids 
  • costeffective strategy for client outreach 
  • Maintain an edge over the competition 
  • Provide fast responses to your customers 

Keep in mind that short and to-the-point messages can be most effective when providing updates via text message. 

When Should You Text Your Homeowners?

According to our partner managers, it is good practice to send text messages during each step of the project process. Here are a few examples of how to text homeowners along the way. 

  • Schedule Appointments: Reach out to new leads to schedule their in-home appointment. 
    • “Thank you for reaching out, Karen! I wanted to reach out as a courtesy regarding your window installation. Let me know what time works best for a consultation, or feel free to schedule an appointment by clicking the link below: www.schedulewindows.com. Josh Smith, Window Business.” 
    • “My name is Josh Smith with HVAC and More and I wanted to do just a quick follow up to your inquiry about getting a quote on a new home comfort system. We have a few awesome specials running right now. Are you available for an in-home estimate this afternoon? 
  • Schedule Updates: Notify clients when you are running a little late. 
    • “Hi Karen, touching base to let you know that I am running a little behind schedule, but I should be there in about 15 minutes.” 
  • Ask for Reviews: After completing a project, reach out to clients to request online reviews.  
    • Hi Karen, we hope you’re enjoying your new kitchen! If you are satisfied with your kitchen, we would love for you to leave a review for our contractors: www.reviewwebsite.com. 

It is also good practice to help your customers know the source of the text message by adding your business name at the end of each message. For example: 

  • Option A: If you’d like to learn more about us in the meantime, feel free to visit: www.businesswebsite.com.”
  • Option B: Include a mission statement or something unique about you (example: family-owned, local community service, or volunteering you participate in). 

Integrating text messaging into your communication framework is one of many follow-up strategies to help your home improvement businessWith text messaging for home renovation businesses, you can turn leads into set appointments and close deals faster. 

Text messaging for your home renovation business also helps increase the speed of project duration and ultimately increases your homeowners’ satisfaction. With Modernize Home Services, we bring in the leads you need. Once you receive quality leads from us, use business text messaging to continue the conversation with vetted homeowners looking for your services.  

The Art of the Follow-up: Text Messaging

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