It is a good exercise for business owners to research what is happening in the digital marketing industry.  Are you staying current with the newest trends to ensure you are actively connecting with homeowners?

Video is becoming the preferred medium of digesting information, with the average person spending 100 minutes each day watching videos online. This article will teach you about video marketing: what it is and why every business owner should include video as part of their online marketing strategy.

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What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing shares information through videos as part of a brand’s marketing campaign. This strategy is helpful for both large and small businesses.

As a home improvement contractor, there are many ways to use videos when marketing to potential leads:

Brand Promotion Videos

Make your brand more memorable with content aimed at sending a unique message to viewers. For example, a brand video includes your logo and a catchy jingle with a tagline message about your services.

Product Videos

Showcase the products and services you offer. For example, flooring contractors can share videos showing and explaining the different available flooring materials.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Build social proof by sharing videos of your previous customers talking about their experiences. These videos serve as great content for your home page and social media posts.

Educational Videos

Quick tips can keep homeowners engaged in your messaging and establish your authority in the industry. Offer DIY tips with recommendations to help homeowners know when to call a professional for services.

Top Advantages of Video Marketing for your Business

Many home improvement contractors are missing out on these lead generation opportunities. Here are a few benefits you can expect:

#1: Increase in Lead Generation

86 percent of video marketers find that video is effective for lead generation. Additionally, 81 percent of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales. Finally, 94 percent agree that videos increase user understanding of available products or services. 

When a potential lead views the video, they can see your experience and knowledge in the industry. As a result, it increases the likelihood of the lead turning into a customer.

#2: Improved Social Media Engagement

Boring text posts are no longer engaging because people are accustomed to seeing videos and pictures on social media. In fact, 62% of people have an increased interest in a product after watching a related video.

#3: Brand Building

Sharing content through videos establishes your brand voice and infuses personality into the campaign. For example, when homeowners are ready to choose a contractor, they will pick a company based on brand personality. Therefore, it is always beneficial to your business to connect with your online audience by sharing high-quality content to build the relationship by offering value.

#4: Protect Your Bottom Line

Video marketing is a relatively inexpensive marketing channel that yields high conversions. The money you put into video creation and publishing is an investment for your business because of the way it brings in more customers in the future.  

Creating a high-quality video cost more than publishing a blog post or social media update. However, look at the price compared to other forms of marketing. You will see that video marketing is much cheaper overall. Finally, videos help improve your search engine ranking, keeping your business visible while maintaining minimal cost.

Video Marketing: An Essential Strategy for Your Marketing Campaign

There are many online marketing strategies to consider. The results will vary depending on how you structure your marketing campaign. However, because of the undeniable results and benefits of a video marketing strategy, this method is one option that every home improvement contractor needs to be using.

If you are looking for more lead generation support, Modernize offers the solutions you need. Contact us to learn more about how we help as a marketing partner build your home improvement business.

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