The demand for solar installation is on the rise. More homeowners than ever are looking into renewable energy solutions and lower utility bills.

But many people are also worried about the expensive upfront costs for solar installation. Even though solar rebates are available, homeowners do not know about their options to use a solar tax credit to offset their out-of-pocket expenses. 

One of the ways you can help homeowners overcome their financial concerns is by educating them about these solar rebates. Help homeowners see how much money they will save in the long run, and people will be ready to move forward with solar installation. 

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Modernize Fall Survey: Homeowners Are Unaware 

Our Fall Survey showed that 57 percent of homeowners are unaware of the available solar tax credit. This lack of information could be hindering families from moving forward with an investment in solar panels. 

Here are a few reasons why it is so crucial for solar contractors to help homeowners know about the savings they can earn through the tax credits:  

  • Customer Satisfaction: Educating homeowners create a better homeowner experience. Providing this information shows that you are working hard to meet their unique needs and leaves a strong message that you want what is best for each person. 
  • Save Money: When you help homeowners save money, it potentially leaves the opportunity for add-ons to the project. In addition, people are willing to spend a little more because of the savings that will build up through the solar tax credit. 

To learn more about homeowners pursuing solar projects, check out our latest Modernize Homeowner Fall Survey eBook 

Homeowner Motivation for Solar Installation

You must understand homeowner motivations and priorities. For example, why are homeowners exploring their options for solar installation? 

Our fall survey sheds light on this topic, with 42 percent of homeowners indicating they want to start their projects to save money on utility bills. Understanding this motivation helps you seal the deal by showing the many ways solar power will reduce overall expenses in the long run.   

The ideal sales pitch shows how homeowners save money upfront through solar rebates. Then they continue enjoying savings in the future through lower utility bills. 

Designing Your Sales Process

Since cost savings are a top priority and most homeowners are unaware of available tax credits, we suggest incorporating these talking points into your sales process is a great start. In addition, sharing relevant information builds trust and credibility as you establish a relationship with each potential customer. As a result, you have a better chance of closing the deal. 

Here are a few ways you can work the tax credit into your conversation: 

  • Solar Law Change: Provide information about the law change in tax breaks for solar installation. 
  • Offer Additional Resources: Providing each homeowner with other valuable resources to help them understand more about the solar tax credit. Providing these resources helps you stay at the top of homeowners’ minds when choosing their solar contractors. 
  • State and Federal Incentives: In addition to federal tax credits, familiarize yourself with your state’s local incentives and policies. This information empowers you when guiding potential customers. As a result, you can help them choose the right solar products to meet their unique needs.  

Our team at Modernize is committed to helping home improvement contractors stay current with industry trends. The more you know about homeowners’ preferences and desires, the better equipped you will be to provide quality, relevant services. We offer ongoing information to keep you in the loop and help you connect with homeowners seeking your solar installation services. 

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