Homeowners that have a high interest in home improvement projects often look for a balance between quality and value. As fall is approaching, home improvement contractors need to connect with people who want to invest in new projects. Now is the time to dial in your home improvement sales pitch, so you are ready to increase the chances of keeping your schedule full through the busy season. 

Understanding the desires of your target demographic is critical to helping you close the deal. In a recent homeowner survey, we learned that over 40 percent of homeowners are currently implementing home improvement projects to save cash on their electric and utility bills. 

Since many people are motivated by cost savings, encourage your sales team to be proactive about building these talking points into the conversation.  As marketing and sales professionals/experts, we want to give you strategies to help your team succeed and close more deals. 

This article will highlight one of the most effective strategies that will help homeowners save money and help you close more deals: incorporating tax incentives into your sales pitch. 

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Intentions Shape Your Sales Pitch

Telling homeowners about tax incentives not only increases your chances of closing the deal, but it conveys a critical message to each prospect. The message is that you are committed to helping the homeowner get the most out of their investment. Doing so will show how you are focusing on the bigger picture. 

When your goal is to show homeowners that you have their best interests in mind, it naturally boosts trust and interest. 

As you implement the following tips in your sales strategy, consider how your intention drives the conversation.  

Tip #1: Highlight Cash Savings

Homeowners are interested in energy efficiency upgrades because they are looking for ways to save money on utility costs. When you show a homeowner how to save more money through tax incentives, it communicates the important message that you want to help them make the best decision possible. 

Discussing potential savings added through tax incentives helps each homeowner reduce overall expenses and builds a stronger rapport between the homeowner and the sales team. 

The best strategy is to discuss the numbers during each appointment. Write it down, show the calculations, and help homeowners see the savings potential from investing in home improvement projects. When homeowners see the hard facts, it builds confidence that they are moving in the right direction. 

Tip #2: Highlight Long-Term Energy Savings

If you are looking for a way to improve your sales pitch, find a way to explain how homeowners can save more money over time by reducing utility costs while taking advantage of tax incentives associated with their project. 

As you share information about tax incentives, show how energy-efficient materials will impact utility costs in the future. This two-step approach in a sales pitch highlights the immediate savings (tax incentives) and long-term benefits (decreased utility expenses). 

One option is to offer or recommend energy-efficient materials as part of your sales pitch if your company can do so. Educate homeowners about how these materials will impact thermal transfer and affect the overall efficiency of their homes as it relates to their specific project. Provide personalized recommendations, with a conversation around the various types of energy-efficient materials and projects that address each homeowner’s needs. 

Showing your commitment to custom materials and quality results offers a win-win situation. When your homeowners are happy because of the quality of services they are receiving, your sales team will thrive, seeing increased revenue and higher closing rates. 

Tip #3: Provide Resources for Additional Information 

When you educate homeowners, use quality resources. It communicates a strong message that you want what is best for each person. Back up every home improvement sales pitch with trustworthy resources to show the benefits of tax incentives and energy efficiency improvements. Here are a few links to offer the homeowners you are working with: 

Not only do these resources back up the claims you are sharing in the sales pitch, but they also provide evidence that the homeowner is making a good decision by investing in energy efficiency improvements. 

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