What are the driving factors that help homeowners move forward with their home renovation projects? As an owner of a home improvement business, the most important thing you can do to support the sales team is by assisting them in using the most effective talking points to close the deal. 

Getting into the psychology of the sales process makes it easy to convert a warm lead into a paying customer. As you identify homeowner goals for home improvement projects, you can build these points into the sales pitch. 

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Homeowner‘s Want to Save Money with Energy Efficiency

At Modernize, we are working hard to equip contractors with the best solutions for their businesses. In March, we surveyed homeowners to get insights into their priorities for home improvement projects this year.  With more than 1,500 homeowner responses, our insights show valuable information that your sales team can use to improve their processes this year. 

Our findings summarize that more than 40 percent of homeowners indicate that their primary motivation is to save money on utility and electric bills. So, building new ways to introduce energy efficiency into your sales process is key to helping more homeowners see that your services will help them meet their goals for the year. 

How to Close More Deals: Energy Efficiency for Homeowners 

Your services can be valuable for helping homeowners save money. This process starts by showing your sales team the most important talking points to include in their sales pitches.  

As a company owner or sales leader, you can equip your team with targeted information that guides homeowners to close the deal. Often, the simplest and most effective solution is to educate each homeowner about how construction materials and design features affect the energy efficiency of their homes.  

Here are a few examples covering multiple subspecialties in the construction industry: 

Roofing Contractors

When installing a new or updated roof, material selection plays a vital role in energy efficiency. These roofing materials help reflect the sun’s energy away from the house, making it easier to manage the indoor climate.

By reducing heat transfer, you decrease the required HVAC energy to heat or cool a home. So, investing in quality asphalt shingles or metal roofing materials is an excellent investment because homeowners save money on future utility bills. 

Window & Glass Contractors

Windows also help with home insulation by minimizing thermal transfer when you are running the HVAC system. When homeowners choose energyefficient solutions, they can reduce the need to run the heater or air conditioner to manage the indoor temperature.

Teach your sales team to educate each homeowner about different types of glass and other energyefficient features. For example, multiple panes of glass with either krypton or argon air pockets between the panes add a buffer that insulates against outdoor temperatures. 

Solar Installers

Solar installation is one of the most popular homeowner goals for home improvement projects, giving families a way to enjoy their lifestyle without worrying about high utility bills.

Did you know that 79.4 percent of homeowners indicate that their primary motivation to go solar is to save money on utility and electric bills? When homeowners are moving towards energy efficiency, switching to solar reduces their reliance on the grid. Teach your sales team to show homeowners how to save money through tax breaks and reduced utility costs.  

Focus on Homeowner Education and the Sales Will Follow

When you educate homeowners about energy efficiency projectsyour contracting business will reap the benefits of increased sales and higher closing rates. Instead of focusing on the dollars, shift your priority to homeowner education and customer satisfaction, and you will enjoy measurable growth in your business.  

Homeowners are eager to invest in solutions that help with home efficiency. Information about home efficiency increases your chances of closing each deal. Not only will you win the current contract, but these satisfied customers will be more than happy to send referrals in the future. 

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